The furniture of your dreams – the one that will satisfy all your needs, both practical and aesthetic ones. The whole process is exciting for us – from the first contact with you, through concept talking, to the moment your piece comes to your home so it can rest in the final place. We always try to know more about our clients so we can see what they need and dream of. 

Measurements of particular shelves, segments, depth of the drawers, height of the furniture, type of the legs and tricky spaces… We design and custom to the moment we get the This is it! reaction!

Below we have prepared a few examples of the custom furniture we made and bespoke creations according to your ideas as well. Enjoy!

Huge bookcase based on APEX.lit

Inspiration: APEX series
Finishing: oak
Modifications → Creation we can for sure name a wall unit. We designed and built it for the desired size. Unusual, lower left side was designed to bypass the protruding switch. Thanks to applying glazed doors and more metal cubes the form of the furniture still remains light. The bookcase was divided into smaller parts to fit through the doors and hallways of our client – Karolina from Swinoujscie.

Enlarged FRYGA wardrobe

Inspiration: FRYGA wardrobe
Finishing: oak; colors of the fronts from RAL palette
Modifications: This wardrobe grew wider. Behind the slide doors, it hides a large space for hangers, making it the perfect environment for coats and jackets – and these are a must in a moody and rainy London, where Sam lives. 

Chest of drawers with space for a hidden TV

Inspiration: Wood Republic chests of drawers and clients idea
Finishing: oak; colors of the fronts from RAL palette
Modifications: Right and left side with doors and drawers have standard depth. The shallow middle part with open shelves, hides secret space. Thanks to a special mechanism, the TV slides through the table top when we want to hide it from our site and space. This genius piece lives with Joe and Sabrina in Luxembourg.

Original ATARA.1 and fitted bookcase

Inspiration: tv unit ATARA.1 and VENT bookcase
Finishing: rosewood
Modifications: In this case you can see the original ATARA.1 tv unit in the company of the custom piece based on our VENT bookcase. Both furniture stand on perfectly fitted higher legs and chosen shelves fit everything that is desired in Lukasz’s tri-city  living room. 

Custom DIAGA wardrobe

Inspiration: DIAGA wardrobe
Finishing: natural
Modifications: DIAGA wardrobes are extremely diverse specimens – there will never be two identical pieces because we are dealing with slants here! Every wardrobe is designed from the beginning. This particular piece from the picture was created to arrange the slanting space in a child’s room to a maximum. You can see quite a big wardrobe with custom, colored fronts and handles chosen by the client – Marta from Straszyn. 

SNUG.double with six capacious drawers on both sides of the bed

Inspiration: SNUG.double bed
Finishing: natural
Modifications: Added drawers, flexible and at the same time well gripped mattress frame is a guarantee of comfort and stability. Another wish of our client – Florian from Switzerland – was to lower the headrest, which we of course did.
P.S. Our beds don’t creak 🙂


Custom desk

Inspiration: RUNO.2 desk
Finishing: oak; colors of the fronts from RAL palette
Modifications: At the request of Michal from Warsaw we built the back of the desk with plywood to cover the pipes behind it. The furniture gained post with shelves for handy items. This piece is slightly narrower than the original to fit perfectly into available space.

Chest of drawers for vinyl records and audio equipment

Inspiration: Wood Republic chests of drawers and client’s love for vinyls
Finishing: cognac
Modifications: This specimen was created for the special request of Tomasz from Poznan. At the top you can see three closed boxes for vinyl records, three shelves for audio equipment, two open boxes for more records and one capacious drawer. The back of the furniture hids wiring holes.

Enormous bespoke wardrobe 

Inspiration: Wood Republic wardrobes
Finishing: oak
Modifications: This gigantic wardrobe lives in Magdalena’s living room in Warsaw. Beside many shelves and sticks, it hides secret box for rarely used items. The furniture was divided into modules so the transport and assembly was the piece of cake!  

Bespoke tv unit

Inspiration: Wood Republic tv units
Finishing: oak; colors of the fronts from RAL palette
Modifications: This intricately planned piece was made based on freehand drawing from Martyna, who lives in Gdynia. She precisely determined what will be kept in the unit and what size it will have. For her request, we added an openwork door. Children joined the cooperative by choosing the colors of the fronts. As you can see the mission was successful.

Custom BLISS.1 and FIU.1

Inspiration: BLISS.1 chest of drawers and FIU.1 night stand
Finishing: bleached; colors of the fronts from RAL palette
Modifications: This friendly set is an example of basic customization. Original furniture where form and dimensions fitted perfectly in Dominik’s home in Zielonki. It gained a personal touch when our client chose the bleached finishing of the wood and colors of the fronts.

Bespoke chest of drawers on wheels

Inspiration: Wood Republic chest of drawers, love for plants
Finishing: oak
Modifications: The dream of Marta from Cracow was to have a mobile chest of drawers with a special box for plants. A willful furniture – no matter how you place it, it looks the same, because it is from both sides! Loft wheels give it an energetic vibe.

Custom MUN.2 bed

Inspiration: MUN.2 bed
Finishing: natural
Modifications: Two things about our beds we can say for sure – uncommonly comfortable and ultra durable. Each bed mattress frame, whether flexible or perforated, is made from one piece of wood – it’s a phenomenon among other beds. The headrest is always cut to the thickness of the mattress. Grzegorz from Katowice uses a thick mattress, so beside the headrest, we adjusted the height of the side boards. To make the customization complete, we changed the legs for more DRUPAL ones and colored fronts.

Custom bookcase

Inspiracja: RAJ series
Finishing: oak; colors of the fronts from RAL palette
Modifications: The RAJ series bookcases can take many forms and variations. Bartosz from Adliswil, Switzerland asked for two glazed cabinets, oak wood shade and gray-mustard accents. Of course, he got what he dreamed of 🙂

Bespoke BABA.4

Inspiration: BABA.4 wardrobe
Finishing: natural
Modifications: We have enlarged this wardrobe by one part, so the whole contains four separate modules, mounted on Swedish bolts. The extension has also grown in relation to the original. We have customized the interior by adding extra shelves in the right part, so the wardrobe meets the client’s expectations. Look at the cute, triangular holes at the top of the furniture invented by Jana from Germany.

Bespoke bookcase under the stairs

Inspiration: APEX series
: oak
Modifications: Bespoke furniture so it would fit perfectly into space under the stairs. We love to design for unconventional spaces such as this one. Customized shelves and drawers can hold a lot of items, making the space around clean and tidy. This particular specimen lives somewhere around Poznan.

Bespoke bookcase

Inspiration: RAJ series
Finishing: cognac
Modifications: Thanks to a bigger number of closed shelves, the piece is more mysterious and secretive than the original one. The bookcase fits perfectly into Ada’s space in Warsaw.

Bespoke bookcase

Inspiration: Wood Republic bookcases
Finishing: oak
Modifications: This extraordinary piece is one of a kind. It went from our workshop straight to Michal from Denmark. Designed according to the client’s vision, who sent us freehand drawing with measurements of every module. The specimen stands dignifiedly on it’s pedestal, keeping the lightness of it’s form.

Custom chest of drawers with colorful fronts

Inspiration: The chest of drawers client saw on our Instagram account
Finishing: oak; colors of the fronts from RAL palette
Modifications: This piece was created based on another bespoke furniture, Harald from Austria saw on our Instagram. You can do it that way too!

Custom bookcases

Inspiration: VENT and RAJ series
Finishing: natural; black and white fronts
Modifications: Total customization happened here: dimensions, number of compartments, plywood finishing and color of the fronts. You can see the resemblance to RAJ bookcases. Anna from Plewiska near Poznan liked our asymmetric divisions and used it to fit the furniture to her specific needs. Bookcases live in the attics and proudly represent her home’s library.

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