We can adjust our projects to suit your personal space. You need different dimensions, colours or shapes – a piece of cake. Just contact us! What does personalisation mean? You get a chance to make our furniture fit your taste and your lifestyle.

The dimensions of the furniture

Check if the overall dimensions of the selected piece of furniture (height, width, depth) are appropriate for you. If not, we will proportionally reduce or enlarge the whole, keeping the form of the furniture.


Consider whether you want to fit something specific in the original furniture modules (open shelves, wardrobes, drawers), e.g. music equipment or favorite long dresses. We will redesign the furniture to fit everything you need. Each time – as far as possible – we try to keep the original form of the furniture.

The color of the furniture

Choose the color finish of the entire piece of furniture from among the 11 available shades of oil waxes with which we impregnate the wood. The waxes we use are based on natural ingredients and have safety certificates.

Front colors

The fronts of drawers and doors can be in the shade of wood as the whole piece of furniture, but you can also choose (yourself or with our help) colors from the RAL or NCS palette. If you like the colors already used by us, just show us the furniture of your choice.

customise with us

    Add or remove a shelf or module, change inner dimensionsetc.

    Tell us which furniture do you need exactly

    Leave here all the data you think can be important, especially the functionality needed

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