Wood Republic is a carefully selected team of design and craft enthusiasts, who at the same time are experienced specialists in this field. We design and create plywood furniture.

  • We offer you a technical support: our knowhow and experience working with plywood. We know the material, it's possibilities and limitations. We think about the projects holistically and we appreciate conscious designing based on relationships.
  • At the same time, we are open to creative designs that break cliché patterns. Totally bespoke furniture and architecture is something we feel and understand. We like to think outside the box and we avoid saying that something cannot be done like the plague.
  • Good communication is the key. You work with one dedicated person, who creates your valuation and knows everything about every stage of your order.
  • If the project requires it, we take measures personally at your client’s home, and install furniture ourselves.
  • We care about every detail. We created proprietary methods of manufacturing and finishing plywood furniture. Our furniture are safe for children and animals because of using only certified materials and wax oils made of natural ingredients.
  • Manufacturing process is controlled on each stage by the main designer - Michał Rypiński, who is also the owner of the Wood Republic company.
  • As an interior designer you get special treatment. You get commissions and we set the terms of our cooperation together.
  • Bespoke furniture projects that we prepare for you and your customer are free of charge.
  • Samples of wax oils are at your disposal. You receive wooden bars that we wax and sand using the same finish methodology as for our furniture.
  • The deadlines are set together after a design is approved.
  • Visit our showroom – let’s talk over coffee about different topics, feel unbelievable texture of our furniture.

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