Do you dream of a custom piece of furniture, built-in furniture that meets a specific function, a wall unit in a modern or vintage style, or maybe you have your own idea for a custom piece of furniture?
We will design the specimen completely from scratch, creating a project dedicated only to you.

get inspired

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We create bespoke furniture based on inspiration – it can be a conversation with you, a freehand drawing, a photo from you or a project from an interior designer.
And maybe you like our piece of furniture or individual elements and solutions from several specimens? Tell us what you care about the most and we will certainly include it in the project.


Think about the functionality – what exactly do you need – open or closed modules, cabinets or shelves, or maybe a bit of everything? What will you keep there?
We will design and make furniture tailored to your home, where all individual items will find their place.


We will share our experience to help you choose the form and advise you on how to arrange the space. We will design your unique piece of furniture from A to Z. What is important – we make designs (including interior designs) and their modifications with no extra charge.


You can take the measurements yourself, but if you want, we can come and do it for you, no matter where you are. National borders are not a barrier for us – we will get where it is necessary

customise with us

    Add or remove a shelf or module, change inner dimensionsetc.

    Tell us which furniture do you need exactly

    Leave here all the data you think can be important, especially the functionality needed

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