We can adjust our projects to suit your personal space. You need different dimensions, colours or shapes – a piece of cake. Just contact us! What does personalisation mean? You get a chance to make our furniture fit your taste and your lifestyle.

make it yours in 3 steps


Check if the measurements of your chosen furniture (height, width, depth) fit you.

If not, keeping the original form, we can proportionally enlarge or reduce the size of it.


Plan your storage space. Examine the original modules of the furniture (open shelves, cabinets, drawers) and think if you want to keep anything specific in them.

If needed, we will tailor modules to store everything that you need to store, keeping the original form of the furniture. In the end your heart was set on this specific design.


Choose the right colour of oil waxes, which we use to impregnate our furniture. Usually we decide to use colourless wax, thanks to which birch plywood keeps its natural, light colour, but we offer many different shades to choose from.

Reflect your own style in the colour of the fronts, drawers and cabinets (closed modules). If you like colours already offered on other pieces of furniture – just point to them. If, however, your furniture must suit other elements of your interior, i.e. colour of walls, simply provide us number from RAL or NCS palette.

customise with us

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    Tell us which furniture do you need exactly

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