What does Wood Republic make furniture from?

As befits Wood Republic, we work with wood. The material we use for the production of our furniture is high-quality birch plywood. Plywood is a type of ecological material obtained from joined together large, thin layers of wood (so called veneer panels). They are pressed sheets of solid birch wood. The plywood surface is even – as opposed to solid wood boards or worktops joined together, where you can see the joining of the components. We are open opponents of the MDF, chipboard or furniture boards – as a rule, we do not use these materials.

What is the ordering and production process?

Each piece of furniture is made to order – we have neither large warehouses nor mass production. If you place an order, your furniture jumps in waiting line, hence the longer waiting time. This time is deducted from the receipt of the prepayment, which is about 30% of the total amount. During the implementation period, we remain in constant contact. After receiving the order, we can also determine any changes in the furniture’s finish, as long as it has not already entered production. When your order is actually produced, only then are we able to estimate the shipment date more accurately and inform you in advance of the planned delivery. 

Will I receive the same piece of furniture as in the picture?

Due to the specificity of the material, which is wood, it is not possible to accurately reproduce the original furniture visible in the photo, in terms of the scratch and structure of the wood – grain or knots. Each piece of plywood is a separate, individual story, so your piece of furniture will be unique and one of a kind. 

How can I customize the size of the furniture?

Carefully measure the space in which the piece of furniture is to be placed. Think about the size of the furniture – the overall size and dimensions of individual modules e.g. shelves, drawers or cabinets. Answers the questions: what is the piece of furniture supposed to be use for, what should be placed on top of it, should the overall size fit in a specific place? Compare your dimensions with the original ones. If your desired dimension is in any way different from the original, please let us know.

How can I customize the finish of the furniture (wood shade)?

If you want to change the shade of the furniture finish, you can freely choose the desired color from our oil waxes palette:

All oil waxes do not completely cover the wood structure. Thanks to impregnation, it visible and emphasized (the darker the shade of the wax, the more visible the grain). It is also possible to apply a selected color to the fronts of drawers or cabinets, then the wood structure is completely covered. You can choose the color yourself or with our help, choosing from the generally available RAL and NCS palettes. If you like the colors already used by us, you can just show them. If your furniture needs to match the color of other interior elements, such as walls, just give us the number from the RAL or NCS palette!

How can I customize the form of the furniture?

The form of a piece is a combination of elements such as the shape of the body and its components – table top, legs, etc.; internal composition – arrangement of shelves, drawers and cabinets; and accessories such as handles. You can customize all these parameters according to your needs. Analyze our original pieces and think about how you imagine yours – do you need an additional drawer, whether the arrangement of shelves will allow you to accommodate specific items etc. If the proposed interior composition does not suit your needs, we will implement a graphic design of a customized furniture form for you.

What furniture can I design with Wood Republic?

The initiative is dedicated to private individuals, but also to companies that need business space equipment. Together with you, we can design virtually any piece of furniture, including furniture for the bedroom, living room, hall, dining room, children’s room, studio or office. Each project will aesthetically reflect our specificity – if you like what we do, this is the perfect solution for you. We can also make a piece of furniture according to the designs / drawings sent by you, but we will prepare our own design on their basis anyway, due to the need to introduce our technology into it. Remember that we will not design or make furniture that is inconsistent with our aesthetics and technology. We act creatively, not re-creative.

Can I design furniture for spaces such as a bathroom, kitchen or hall with Wood Republic?

In Wood Republic, we are not afraid of challenges, so we are happy to undertake non-standard projects. If you dream of a plywood kitchen, tv units for the living room, a custom-sized wardrobe for the hall or bedroom, and finally bathroom furniture, including a chest of drawers under the washbasin – you’ve come to the right place. If you dream of lamellas or paneling, you can also contact us! Contact us and we will guide you through the design process. We are also happy to cooperate with your interior designer or share our experience and advise on space arrangement.

In what form will I get the furniture design?

After placing the order and determining all the details relevant to the project, we proceed to create the project. We send the visualizations prepared for you in 2D graphic form for approval. Of course, the dialogue remains open and after receiving the project, you can still make the desired changes.

In what form does the piece of furniture reach me (in parts or as a whole)?

Our furniture is delivered to you in its entirety, it does not require any assembly, only already loving care. However, we have several pieces of furniture in our offer that consist of several parts. These are larger shelves, such as those from the RAJ series, and wardrobes, such as JAGA or DIAGA. We also have furniture, such as the ZZZIP bunk bed, which, for structural reasons, must be divided into smaller modules. Of course, at the request of customers, we divide our furniture into smaller modules for self-assembly using Swedish screws, when there is a risk that the furniture will not fit in the elevator, corridor or door frame, etc.

What does the delivery of the furniture look like?

We send the furniture to you by direct transport – we work with smaller transport companies, thanks to which we control the entire route, and the driver is often able to adapt to your time possibilities. Due to the fact that the furniture is usually shipped entirely and made of 100% wood, it has a specific weight. The price of the furniture includes delivery, while you are responsible for the organization of bringing the furniture to its destination. If you are unable to arrange the contribution, we will be happy to help you, but remember that there is an additional fee, which depends on the conditions on site (number of floors, road to the apartment, elevator or no elevator, etc.).

How to care for and clean our furniture?

At Wood Republic, we use impregnations in the form of natural OSMO oil waxes, which, on the one hand, penetrate the wood, emphasizing its drawing, and on the other hand, create a coating resistant to abrasion and stains. Our furniture will be nice if you regularly care for this invisible surface with preparations for waxed wood (preferably also from OSMO). You can also wipe the piece of furniture from time to time with a slightly damp cloth, while waxed furniture is not suitable for prolonged exposure to liquids. Just remember not to treat our furniture with generally available wood preparations, because they adversely affect the natural impregnations used.

If your questions are not answered here, please contact us by phone or via the form. We are at your disposal!