What Wood Republic furniture is made of?

As befits wood republic, we work with wood. To manufacture our furniture, we use high-quality birch plywood. Plywood is a type of ecological material obtained from the glued together large, thin layers of wood (so-called wood veneer). It’s pressed plies of solid birch wood. Its surface is even – unlike joined together boards or countertops made of solid wood, on which you can see where the components are connected. The surface of plywood is made of one piece of wood. We are opponents of MDF boards, particle boards or furniture boards, and we never use these materials.

How does the order and production process look like?

Every piece of furniture is made to order – we do not have big warehouses or mass production. If you place an order in our store, it jumps into a queue and the timing of its production depends on the current workload. The process starts after the 100% prepayment is made. For orders exceeding EUR 3000, you have the option to split the payment into two parts: 50% as a deposit to initiate the order, and the remaining 50% payable just before the furniture enters physical production. We stay in contact during the whole process. After the order is placed, we can still make some small amendments, like changing the finishing of the piece of furniture. We cannot make the changes when furniture enters the production. However, at this time we can give you the precise finish date. We inform you beforehand about the planned delivery date.

Will I receive the same furniture as I see in a picture?

Due to material specifics, that is wood, it is not possible to create exactly the same piece twice. Each wood structure is different, with particular placement of knots and size of growth rings.  Each piece of plywood has an original history, that’s why your piece of furniture will be unique and one of a kind.

How can I customise the furniture’s dimensions?

Measure exactly the space in which the piece of furniture is to be located. Think about the size of the furniture – on the one hand the whole unit, on the other hand individual modules, such as shelves or drawers/cabinets. Answer yourself some questions: What is the purpose of furniture? What will be stored in it? Should it fit into a specific place? Compare your dimensions with the original dimensions of the furniture listed on our website. If our dimensions do not fit your space, please let us know and we will make it work.

How can I customise the finish of the furniture (the shade of wood)?

You can choose whatever finish colour from our wax oils palette:

The wax oils does not cover the wood structure and its growth rings. The impregnation rather emphasises them (darker the wax shade, the more visible the growth rings). It’s also possible to put a particular colour on the fronts but then the wood structure is fully covered. Choose the colours of drawer fronts and cabinets yourself or with our help by choosing from available RAL and NCS pallets. If you like the colours already used by us, just show us to the piece you want. And if your furniture needs to match the colour of other elements in your interior, like walls, just give us a number from the RAL or NCS palette! Learn more about customisation on our blog here.

How can I customise the form of furniture?

The form of the furniture is a combination of such elements as: the shape of the whole body and the components (table top, legs, etc. ), internal composition (arrangement of shelves, drawers or cabinets) and additional elements (handles, etc.). You can customise all these parameters according to your needs. Analyse our original piece of furniture and think how you imagine yours – whether you need some extra drawer, whether the shelf layout allows you to store specific things, etc. If the original composition does not meet your needs, we will create and implement a customised design of furniture – with no strings attached. Learn more about customisation on our blog here.

What kind of furniture can I design with Wood Republic?

The initiative is dedicated to individuals, but also to companies that need to equip the business space. Together we can design basically any piece of furniture for a bedroom, living room, hallway, dining room, children’s room, studio or office. Each project will reflect our aesthetics – if you like what we do, then this is the perfect solution for you. We can also make a piece of furniture according to the projects /drawings provided by you. Please note that we will not design or make furniture that does not meet our aesthetics and technology. We act creatively, not reconstructively.

Can I design with Wood Republic furniture for a bathroom, kitchen or hallway?

At Wood Republic, we are not afraid of challenges, so we are happy to undertake nonstandard projects. If you dream of a plywood kitchen, a media unit for a living room, a wardrobe to fit into your hallway or bedroom, or finally furniture to fit into your bathroom, including vanity unit – then you are in the right place. Contact us and we will guide you through the design process. We will also be happy to cooperate with your interior architect or share our experience to advise you how to arrange your space. You can find out more about designing with us here.

In what form do I get the design of furniture?

All our designs are sent in 2D form showing a piece from different perspectives. We always try to contact you as soon as possible to talk it through and estimate the deadlines for creating designs.

Are the designs paid?

Cosmetic changes to the original furniture are free of charge. All projects created from scratch, designs of built-ins, kitchens, bathrooms or significant changes introduced to original furniture designs are additionally payable, and the amount is determined on the basis of our joint arrangements as to the scope of work.

In what form is furniture delivered to me (in parts or as a one piece)?

We always deliver furniture in one piece, usually you don’t have to assembly it, just take good care of it. We have some pieces that are made out of a few modules. On one side we have: bookcase RAJ, wardrobes JAGA and DIAGA – here the assembly is not required, you just need to install the modules next to each other. On the other side there is the ZZZIP bed that comes in 5 parts and requires an easy assembly. It’s also possible to divide a particular unit into two smaller parts (if for example it won’t fit through the door or corridor), so you can assembly it using lock screws. It refers mostly to SNUG series of beds and wardrobes. For nonstandard designs requiring our help with assembling furniture, we can come to you personally to do it, or give you instructions on how to do such assembly.

How much does it cost to deliver furniture?

We deliver furniture to the EU, UK, and other parts of the world. Delivery may be subject to an additional charge, and does not include the lift in service. You will be informed of the cost during the quotation stage of your order.

How does delivery  look like?

We send furniture to you by direct transport – we cooperate with smaller transport companies, thanks to which we control the entire route. Due to the fact that the furniture is shipped in one piece and it is made of 100% wood, so it is quite heavy. The price of the furniture does not includes delivery and assembly. Carrying furniture inside should be organised by you. If you are not able to arrange it, we will be happy to help you with this, but remember that this comes at an additional cost, which depends on some conditions like number of floors, difficulty of space, elevator or lack of it, etc.

How to maintain Wood Republic furniture?

We use OSMO wax oils impregnates, which, on the one hand, penetrate the wood, emphasizing its drawing, and on the other hand form a coating resistant to abrasion and stains. It will be nice if you keep this invisible coating by regularly treating furniture with a special products for waxed furniture (preferably OSMO). You can also use a slightly damp cloth from time to time, but remember that waxed furniture cannot be exposed to frequent or prolonged contact with liquids. Please also under any circumstances use commonly available wood care products, because they do not serve well our furniture.

If you haven’t found an answer to your question here, please contact us directly by phone or the contact form. We’re here to support you!