A desk is one of the most functional pieces of furniture in the house, so it should be best suited to your needs. A well-designed and made piece of furniture must meet a number of conditions, and according to our standards, the absolute minimum are: stability, ergonomics, functionality, durability, high-quality components. And good design, obviously. Can you have it all? We have good news – you don’t have to make any compromises in this case.

Bespoke desks are a topic that we know and love. It all started with the first piece of furniture from the RUNO series, which turned into… well, see for yourself what we are capable of. The evolution continues and today we have hundreds of realized, personalized specimens.
If you are looking for something for yourself, treat this post as an inspiration and proof that you can build a practical and designer piece of furniture for work and study.

We advise you on how to choose or even create this one-of-a-kind piece of furniture from Wood Republic.

1. Think about what the desk will be used for. A piece of furniture for regular work in a home office may differ significantly from the one that is used sporadically, while a desk for creative work or study will be different than the one on which you will only use a laptop and a cup of coffee.

2. What worktop surface will be comfortable for you? How much storage space do you need? Even if you are limited by the small space of the room, we will try to develop a piece of furniture that will fit your needs.

3. The type of desk is also important. You can choose from:
– classic, free-standing
– corner
– built-in to size
– modular with the possibility of rearrangement
– with extensions or extensions
– multifunctional
– folded or hidden
– for special tasks
– children’s

4. Colors – here we give you a wide range of possibilities – taylor your furniture as you like. You can choose from 11 staining with oil-waxes and hundreds of colors from the RAL and NCS palettes. And if the choice makes you dizzy – we will help 🙂

We perfectly know that a good desk must be made with attention to every detail so that nothing interferes with work or study. A stable structure is the basis, but as always, the devil is in the details. For example, strong drawers on top-quality runners with a soft-close system are standard for us. In addition, the extremely smooth surface of the furniture and the durable impregnation of the whole with oils-waxes that are safe for health are also our hallmark. And designing according to your needs – you know, it cannot be otherwise.

See selected desks and find a model or inspiration for yourself.

Biurko RUNO
Freestanding RUNO.1 desk in the basic version, all stained with oil-wax golden maple. Classic desks from the RUNO series are invariably liked and appreciated by you specimens that inspire you and us to create bold projects. Although light in form, plywood furniture is ultra-stable and heavy – after all, we are dealing here with real wood and professional workmanship!


Compact and multifunctional desk based on the KOSMOS modular system. Perfect for working with a laptop, it can act as a dressing table or just a shelf. Colors: oak.


Built-in furniture made to measure, with a bookcase, a desk and an extension – everything is at hand here! The large surface of the table top ensures comfortable work. Color: antique oak.


It is enough to choose the right chair height for the desk, so that even a toddler will feel comfortable at an “adult” size desk. Here, a customized specimen in a natural color + drawers according to the RAL palette.


A specimen definitely for special tasks. This desk was created for a small office in a photo studio. The basis for the design was that two people could work in comfort. Pay attention to the box under the table top – the client’s wish was to aesthetically hide the electrical box. You say, and you have. Colors: oak.


NOBBU.desk is a version of the classic desk for those who like progressive forms. Color: natural.


Another specimen for special tasks. A kind of ordinary, compact desk… and here it is – a surprise! You open the counter and you have a full-fledged dressing table with a mirror, storage and space on both sides for whatever you want. This multifunctional piece of furniture was made for the special request of our client.


A folding desk is a great idea for a small area. This specimen was made for a small children’s room. After folding the top, we gain a place to play and a practical storage space. Color: natural.


RUNO.2 customized with the colors of drawer fronts selected by the customer. Colors: oak, drawers according to the RAL palette.


A custom-made corner desk, which was created for a children’s room. We have a lot of space to play, learn and store! Colors: oak + drawers according to the RAL palette.


Here is RUNO.3 on steroids 🙂 At the special request of the client, the worktop has been significantly widened and has holes to allow the heat to flow from the radiator, which is located under the desk. Coloring: cognac.


RUNO.2 looks great in the context of the bedroom! Color: natural


When designing this building, we were challenged by the radiator, which was to be both covered and uncovered 🙂 In a small area, we managed to create a quiet work corner with the most desirable and healthy natural lighting. The top of the desk has holes that unlock the distribution of heat, and the built-in furniture includes pipes from the radiator. The entire specimen can be classified as furniture for special tasks. Colors: oak.


A designer and practical specimen of RUNO.lit in a beautiful version – ebony oil wax + golden metal cube is an excellent combination.


Built-in desk, combined with the bookcase. Pay attention to the ultra-wide table top – working with it is pure pleasure. A comfortable piece of furniture where everything has its place. Colors: oak.


This is the original FUSS desk, which was created for the children’s room. Color: natural.


We mentioned a suitable chair. However, if you prefer a lower version of the toddler desk – no problem – we will redesign it!


Custom-made modular construction with a desk for a child to work on the first coloring books and patterns. Colors: oak.


RUNO.3 again, this time in a different edition, thanks to personalized drawers. Colors: oak + fronts according to the RAL palette.


Here is a desk with the DNA from the RUNO family and a top extended on request top. Comfort of work guaranteed! Colors: cognac, antique oak drawer.


RUNO.4 in a customized, warm edition. Colors: oak + antique oak, ebony and RAL colors drawers.


Buildings for a children’s room – a combined desk with a bunk bed on the mezzanine and a play cave underneath. Colors: natural + drawers according to the RAL palette.


FUSS desk with additions in the form of cabinets with drawers. With such a combo, you can spread your wings! Colors: natural + drawers according to the RAL palette.


Corner desk in the children’s room. Colors: natural + drawers according to the RAL palette.


Building for a children’s room. Among the furniture, there is a compact desk with drawers and hanging, open cabinets, thanks to which we gain storage space while maintaining the lightness of the interior. Colors: natural + drawers according to the RAL palette.

Are you looking for the perfect desk especially for yourself? Contact us and see what we can do for you.

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