Custom made kitchen

We have always said that Wood Republic is personalization. We never suspected that we would go so far, but now we can officially admit that … we create custom-made kitchens. Woohoo!

How did this happen? Two years ago, inquiries about kitchen furniture began to appear. We hesitated for a long time, and finally you broke us – we accepted the first order … and we have been creating quietly for a year now 🙂
There is nothing to hide – the kitchen is the heart of each home. It is here that the roads of all household members intersect, meals are prepared here to sustain life energy, and it is here that the most interesting discussions take place until the morning. We thought it would be fun to create this space for you and with you.
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Custom made kitchens
Olga’s kitchen in Lublin, Poland, designed by Michał Rypiński

According to our customers it is super convenient that we build all the elements at our carpentry shop, and we only put them together like large blocks, so that we do not make a carpentry shop out of your home – the assembly is clean, specific and to the point. Oh yeah!

We always create made-to-measure, dialogue with the client in order to fit best their needs with the implementation, and the designs are developed visually and technically by our designer Michał.
The plywood itself, on the other hand, is an ultra-durable, naturally beautiful material and – as it turns out – it is perfect for the kitchen. Thanks to the overall impregnation with natural oils-waxes, we gain hydrophobicity, and our technology of creation gives ultra-durability to the entire structure.
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Made to measure kitchen
Olga’s kitchen, designed by Michał Rypiński

When talking about the materials available for building a kitchen, one may be tempted to say that, apart from the standard furniture board and solid wood, there are not too many options to choose from.
And that’s where we come in, all made of plywood, with a delicious alternative.
If you do not like varnished, glossy fronts, and Ikea kitchens are not your cup of tea, our solution will hit the spot.
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Wooden kitchen
The kitchen of Anna and Milosz in Warsaw, Poland, interior designer Amelia Zyndul-Maczka

For the purposes of this post, we have selected three extremely different projects.

The kitchen of Anna and Milosz was created in cooperation with the interior designer Amelia Zyndul – Maczka. Customers dreamed of classic-style furniture with white matt – lacquered fronts. There is also an island with a grooved front and drawers. Everything, including the bodies, is made of birch plywood, impregnated from the inside with natural oil-wax – you can see it in the photo with the open drawer. Pay attention to the fronts – we used handles chosen by customers there.

Kitchen for Olga is the essence of modernism and minimalism. Natural oil wax contrasts with the built-in refrigerator and our cargo wardrobe in dark ebony. Here, the fronts of the doors and drawers have no openings or handles – they are opened with the push to open system.

Agata’s kitchen was created in the scandinavian style, with our characteristic openings in the fronts. Everything has been protected with natural wax oil. The small space has been developed to best meet the expectations of a client who likes practical solutions.

More soon – we will describe our kitchens in detail, including the surprises that happened during the implementation, it can also be scary and cheerful 😉
Meanwhile, we are already creating new kitchen furniture, so stay tuned!

Bespoke kitchen
Agata’s kitchen in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Michal Rypinski

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