Making a decision is not an easy task! Before you do that, you need to answer yourself a very, very important question: how essential is the bed in life?

Considering the fact that we sleep about 1/3 of our existence, this is one of the most important pieces of furniture! You should prepare well for the purchase, and we decided to make this process a bit easier. We present a completely objective checklist with absolutely subjective descriptions, because – as specialists in creating foundations for a comfortable rest – we only provide examples of our beds.

How else? 🙂

MUN.2 bed with drawers

A good bed. What is important and what to pay attention to?

  • Safe materials

The type and chemical safety of raw materials from which the objects that surround us are made are extremely important issues. Even more so when it comes to the bed – virtually no piece of furniture is as close to everyday life as the bed!

Our furniture is made entirely of plywood and impregnated with the best oil waxes based on natural ingredients. As a whole – this means that even hidden elements, such as drawer bottoms or mattress bases – are made of this material.

The plywood and oil waxes that we use have safety certificates, they can even be used to produce toys for children, which is why Wood Republic furniture is completely safe for both people and animals.

MUN.1 bed – version for children
  • Solid frame construction

A well-made bed cannot be wobbly!

Due to the fact that the individual elements of the furniture are joined together in our carpentry, we are absolutely sure about its stability. Each bed is also reinforced in sensitive areas. A concrete and durable monolith is created, which provides the basis for a comfortable rest. And it does not creak.

MUN.double – double bed
  • Solid mattress base

Who has not fallen into the hole in the rungs under the mattress, does not know life 😉 Such adventures in bed are not pleasant, and they happen way too often!

Our beds always have a base permanently attached to the frame, thanks to which the furniture gains incredible stability and there is no problem of falling or moving elements.

There are two types of bases to choose from:

– classic with ventilation holes,

– flexible, in the form of rungs cut from one piece of plywood.

Both of these bases are as durable as possible, because they are made of whole sheets of wood and permanently attached to the bed frame. In fact, our classic base with holes also has a lot of flexibility, because plywood as a material is flexible by nature 🙂

You can see both types in the photos below!

Classic and flexible base for mattress with ventilation holes permanently attached to the frame
Flexible base in the form of rungs cut from one piece of plywood and permanently attached to the frame
  • Tailored to your needs

A perfect bed must be tailored to the needs of its users both visually – we like to surround ourselves with what we like – but also when it comes to functionality. We cannot forget about the size of the room in which the piece of furniture is to be placed. Standard, original models available in our offer, are designed in an optimal way, which is why our customers usually only specify the size of the mattress and their favorite color of oil wax, and that’s it!

However, there are unusual rooms or a greater need for personalization. We make all our furniture to order and therefore you have many options.

How can you personalize your bed even more?

adjust the height of the legs – useful for your comfort of sitting down and standing up, if you are a person of extraordinary height,

determine the height of the side boards – so that nothing restricts you in choosing the height of the mattress,

modify the size and shape of the headrest,

specify the number and height of drawers – we believe that a bed with drawers is a perfect piece of furniture! We use the maximum potential of an often overlooked space that is ideal for storing a variety of items.

MUN.2 with a raised headrest and sides for a high mattress
  • Additional functions and unusual solutions

Sometimes the bed serves as a wardrobe or a storage room and we support such solutions! Drawers can be on one or both sides of the furniture, depending on the needs and possibilities of the room.

How about a bed in bed?An additional mattress on a base that can be pulled out like a drawer will be perfect for many situations.
This solution is appreciated by parents who value privacy in the bedroom, and at the same time want to be able to watch over the child if necessary.
– It is also a good backup in case guests visit for dinner… and breakfast.
– It can also be a solution for a small room where siblings live, while bunk beds do not convince you.
As for bunk beds – we create them in various forms – traditional, in the form of houses or bases, but they are always stable and structure safe.

MUN.double – bed in bed. Additional mattress on a retractable base will be perfect for many situations.
ZZZIP bunk bed with drawers

For those who like condensed solutions, we recommend NORSK.bed – a bed that can be a sofa and a sofa that can turn into a bed in a short time. Drawers are a good option for storage and another practical solution in this inconspicuous piece of furniture.

NORSK.bed – a bed, a sofa and a storage space in one piece
  • Transport

An important issue is the path of the furniture from the entrance to the bedroom. If you dream of a large bed from Wood Republic, but the space in the corridor does not allow you to bring it in completely, rely on our experience. We also solve such difficult matters by dividing the form in half. The divided bed can easily fit into a narrow passage, and in the bedroom – using the system prepared by us – you simply connect the two parts together and it’s ready! This solution, prepared for one of our clients, can be seen in the photo below.

SNUG.double bed divided into two parts that can easily fit into a narrow passage.

Conscious bed selection is the basis of healthy sleep, so it is worth asking yourself a few questions. Checklist:

  • What materials is the furniture made of and are they safe for health?
  • Is the frame made of durable materials and are the elements firmly connected to each other?
  • Does the bed have a mattress base?
  • How and what materials is the base of the mattress made of?
  • My bedroom – which bed will work best in it? Will it be necessary to modify the dimensions and form of the furniture, and if so, does the manufacturer give me such an opportunity?
  • What additional functions should my bed fulfill?
  • Are there better and more stable beds than those from Wood Republic …? 😉
NEST.crib baby cot
NEST.crib baby cot
SNUG.single finished with cognac wax oil
SNUG.double with drawers on both sides
A bunk bed according to an individual project.

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