Customer Service Department – BRAINSTORM is their middle name. Zuza, Iwona and Joanna control the life of the entire Wood Republic company. 

Inspiring Relationships

We love to custom our furniture, so we endlessly create new projects and extraordinary modifications. You also have your say in it. Thanks to you, we constantly introduce new solutions, materials and elements to our furniture that we have never used before. Both, glazed shelves or metal legs are the best examples of it. Each specimen tells a new story that is written by us and the customer. Some of this furniture has even joined our herd. This was the case with the NORSK.single and a few other specimens. Challenges are what drives us. 

There are clients with whom we have very close relationships, we feel a special bond and even make friends 🙂

When you wake up Joanna in the middle of the night, without blinking, she will tell you the name of the customer who purchased ebony ZOLA seven months ago and with what transport it was shipped. 

Joanna and Zuza are mostly running the Customer Service Department. They stay in touch with their clients, making sure that every detail is taken care of. Phones, emails, communicators or meetings – the goal is to bring the dreamed furniture to our customers’ homes. But first, a few checkpoints on the way! 

What you cannot see i.e. what happens in time and space after you place the order and before you make toast to your new piece of furniture. Here, we show you 10 everyday moves of the Customer Service Department:

  • Preparing an offer → Based on the information you give us (in various forms), our team makes an evaluation for your further approval.
  • Designing → Joanna and Zuza are the link between the client and Michal, who creates ordered designs (click to read Behind the scenes stories. Part I – A few words about designing).
  • Paper workPrepayments, invoices, payments e.t.c.
  • ConsultingWood Republic is not just some workshop or a furniture manufacturer. We often advise and suggest solutions that not only meet our customers’ expectations but also the character and possibilities of their interior. That includes taking on-site measurements.
  • Wood Republic workshop organizationWe tire our carpenters team for a bit but don’t worry – we do not use any physical force. Like true Jedis, we use mind force and so called Boards. These are ruthless colonies that contain the most relevant information and deadlines. They are written by hand with a marker and because Joanna comes from the family of doctors and the handwriting is apparently hereditary, the task falls on Zuza. According to the queue of the orders, every week she creates the plan for manufacturing ordered pieces. It is irrelevant, whether the customer bought one or ten pieces – we lead the order with the same amount of attention and apply the same rules. So the girls make sure everything is in order and Michal together with production managers give out tasks, so every furniture is ready on time. 
  • Accepting orders from polish and foreign partnersFurniture from our partners is mostly original but it needs the same amount of attention as custom one.
  • LogisticsShipment, transport organization, ordering plywood, wax oils, drawers’ guides, glass e.t.c.
  • AssemblyWe want to make sure that everything will be done with proper care, so we assemble ordered built-ins ourselves – not only in Poland but also abroad.
  • Writing lettersAlong with the new furniture every customer receives a personal letter from us.
  • ComplaintsSometimes mistakes are our fault, sometimes clients’, but we are only humans after all and it happens. We can only strive for perfection. Nevertheless, we always stand by our customer’s site and try to solve the problem, so he can be satisfied. You can read some of the stories on our Facebook profile or Instagram 🙂

Another part of the Behind the scenes stories coming soon! We will let you into our dusty world, where the furniture is born. Stay tuned! 

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