The new cycle named Behind the scene stories was born out of a desire to share our world made out of plywood, dust, passion and hard work. We want to take you on a special journey in which we will reveal even more secrets about how we create our furniture in Wood Republic company

First part is the story about the design process and that means taking a closer look at Michal’s work – the president of our Republic and at the same time the one-man Design Department.

Musicologist who creates furniture? Why not? A few years ago new skills were born out of urge and passion. However, few know that – in the case of Michal – the cornerstone of every successful design process is nothing more than music. It can be dark jazz, modern, Buenavista Social Club or – to Zuza’s despair – death metal played by Cannibal Corpse. Michal follows the principle that music should always be played loud and with good equipment. Then the most creative ideas flow straight from his mind to the computer giving him well designed furniture.

Customer Service Department together with the Design Department and the Department of Territorial Defense while working on a difficult riddle.

Customer Service Department – the liaison between the designer and the client. English speaking – Asia, Zuza and sometimes Iwona. They provide Michal a set of necessary information.

We receive descriptions of your dream furniture in various forms – from specific plans, freehand drawings, some inspiration to mysterious riddles sometimes even. We also get numbers – dimensions of the equipment which have to fit in the cabinet or the size of the recess that is intended to become the storage space. Specific solutions are often needed for example unusual slant or cutout for a difficult, irregular wall so the furniture fits perfectly. Every space deserves good design! 

As many stories as customers, that is why our attempts to create a unified ordering system were lost in the depths of Google drive and for nothing. After all, no one will understand a man better than another when it comes to creative thinking. We don’t want to limit your imagination and throw you into a rigid frame of forms. We would rather stay in touch with you and approach every project individually. One is certain – whatever the base is and how many versions of the project will be created, the final piece is always the result of common dialogue between us and the client. We work until both sides say “This is it!”. 

A drawing from a client.
A drawing from a client.

As the first and only designer in the Wood Republic so far, Michal started out by constructing furniture and processing plywood on his own. He developed this technology learning from his own mistakes. That’s why he knows this process inside out which is priceless when designing. In spite of appearances it is not only lines of the shelves, legs or doors that make up the image of the furniture. We have to take under consideration all of the attributes – properties and structure of plywood that we use, furniture design but also reinforcement points, joining method and proportions. It all forms the whole so we always encourage, even professionals, to reach for our help that is free of charge and to let us manage the whole design process.  

3D production project

Wood Republic furniture is the result of inspiration with Danish modern design and love for natural materials. When designing, we follow the principle that the chosen piece of furniture is supposed to be a friend and dignified resident of your home – the most intimate human space.

Besides the distinguishable character and beauty that our furniture represents there is also original form and smooth satin surface (whoever has touched knows!). It is equally important, however, that the furniture is ergonomic, useful and meets the customer’s requirements. It’s the reason why we are open and encourage you to do various modifications from original designs and creating completely new specimens. 

2D design – two versions to choose from

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