Music often plays an important role in our homes – we think so too 🙂 That is why we observe an increasingly popular trend of creating specially dedicated furniture for music equipment and records. The first such specimen in Wood Republic was in fact the DRUPAL.1 cabinet, which has such universal dimensions that it can easily accommodate all types of players in middle modules, and its spacious side shelves are ideally suited to the size of vinyls. We went a step further for them, creating the DRUPAL.vinyl model with a box open at the top so that you could comfortably browse your favorite albums.

Bespoke DRUPAL.1 cabinet
DRUPAL.vinyl cabinet
DRUPAL.vinyl at Mr. Marcin

In our history, we also have a lot of great, bespoke designs that we created together with you. Our favorite project is a glazed cabinet for Mr. Michal from Warsaw. Two spacious record modules have been supplemented here with an additional, effective box, partly made of glass, so that the most important covers are clearly visible. The antique oak finishing gave the whole a vintage character. By the way, our other glazed showcase has been placed next to this cabinet, see for yourself.

Your love for vinyl records comes in many ways. One of them is subjecting our tv cabinets to all kinds of crazy modifications. Here the power of customization seems to have no limits in your imagination.

It turns out that you are able to make such changes in almost every of our tv cabinets, so that the piece turns into a “vinyl” version. All you need to do is add an open box for records and adjust the selected modules to audio equipment.

Here are a few of our examples!

URAN.2 cabinet

The second option is to combine a chest of drawers with a vinyl storage function. We owe this idea to Mrs. Marta from Gdansk, who wanted a larger piece of furniture with great storage possibilities and a place for a record player and vinyl records. The project was based on a specific combination of the FUZZLE series with a built-in module from the DRUPAL.vinyl model in the upper part of the chest of drawers. There is also an open recess tailored to the record player model and a closed cabinet for less used records, ta-dah!

As soon as we announced this realization – your response was immediate. First, there were several similar or even the same versions of this particular chest of drawers (!). In addition, you turned to us very quickly with inspiration and a lot of projects were created that accumulated all your needs: sometimes by placing vinyl records in open boxes, and sometimes by hiding them in matching drawers.

It turns out that the cabinet for audio equipment is often the central piece in your living rooms or apartments. It is worth ensuring that it is not only functional, but also beautifully made. Our bespoke options – adjusting the furniture to the specific dimensions of the space and, above all, the vast palette of oil waxes with which you can finish the furniture. It creates the perfect substrate to improvise with us. It would be good to enjoy not only the music, but also the beautiful furniture in your homes, what do you say? 🙂

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