Our customers are people sensitive to beauty, who value the quality of the product and are visionary about their interiors. New furniture complements and makes dreams about their own, personal space, come true. That’s why, we want to give you almost unlimited possibilities in customization of our furniture. Here, in our workshop, new pieces are being brought to life by a well-coordinated, professional, cheerful Wood Republic crew, often to the rhythm of Guns’n’Roses songs – Tomek’s favourite band.

Creating furniture is a multi-step process. Our workshop consists of several departments: Assembly Departments and Leg Department – you will know more about these two in today’s post. Also, Department of Insides, Sanding and Detailing, which you will meet soon. 
Tomek is the first person in our Republic who gets the project approved by a client. He leads the instalers crew. He himself on the other hand, as a more experienced carpenter, works on prototypes and special tasks.
Tomek thoroughly analyzes the 3D model from which he takes all necessary data and distributes the work among the rest of the carpenters. Of course, everything needs to be coordinated with the famous Boards – and from here, we let’s thank Zuza!

At the beginning, there is just plywood. Later, we need to choose the right panel. It’s not an easy competition tho! Twenty six pieces on each palette, so about 600 kg wooden greatness. The ones we choose need to be extraordinary like the most delicious donut and right as rain. Then there are measurements, drawing and marking… here all the fun begins. This stage of processing is cutting, edging and preliminary sanding. We create elements of an intricate puzzle, which we put together using proprietary solutions (we rather save the secrets for ourselves). For better and for worse. Forever. The body of the furniture is created. 

What is the base of our furniture? We used metal bases or plinths but the most popular ones are plywood legs. These legs need special care. Short or long, double or triple, straight and curvy – we like them all the same. Inconspicuous elements, requiring a lot of attention – 100% plywood and handmade. Creating them is tedious and precise work but the effect is worth the effort. Even the most heavy pieces, when standing on them, look light and neat. 

Time for suspense… leaving a bit of a hunger, we promise, we will give you another story about our work flow. In the next part, we will tell you more about the drawers. Meanwhile, see how everyday life is going in the Wood Republic 🙂

Czas na suspens… pozostawiając lekki niedosyt, składamy obietnicę, że historie o kolejnych etapach tworzenia mebli pojawią się już niebawem. Czwarta części Opowieści Zakulisowych opowie o tym, jak wytrzymałe muszą być szuflady i co to są “kakałka”…
Tymczasem zobaczcie z bliska, jak wygląda codzienne życie w Wood Republic 🙂

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