You inspire us invariably! We love your stories, and this personal post was created after a long conversation with Ewa – a beauty and good design lover. With this story, we are opening the Domestic Animals series, in which we will show how our furniture works in your homes. 

“Welcome to my personal Wood Republic showroom in Gdansk” – this is how Ewa welcomed us in the competition form, which included the set of photos of the collected furniture from Wood Republic. One of the captured our hearts and brought her victory.
Where the Bliss is? Get to know the story of Ewa and her apartment.

Seven years in Great Britain

The story of a journey in search of personal Bliss begins in 2016. Ewa and her husband live in Great Britain, work in the IT industry and – which will turn out to be important in a moment – use, among others, the CMS DRUPAL system. In the summer, in a photo from friends, and at the same time one of our first clients in Petrykozy (Poland, Opoczno County), she notices for the first time a cabinet – DRUPAL. Ewa considers the similarity of names to be a trick of fate. The piece makes a great impression on her, she wants to have it, but cannot yet, because she is already thinking about moving out of the islands soon. This is the moment when DRUPAL becomes a dream object, and perhaps a motivation to return to the country sooner.

At that moment, Ewa promises herself that when she and her husband return to Poland and have their own apartment, this piece will live with them, becoming the center of the home universe.

Three years pass, Ewa and her husband return to Poland. They dream of living by the sea, watching the calming waves and the abundance of water, which is why they buy an apartment in Gdansk and start arranging it. The apartment is small and they don’t want to get cluttered. Ewa – for whom less is more, does not like mediocrity, and the chaos and excess of things cause her stress – arranges the interior herself, following her own proven BSP principle: Beautiful, Simple, Practical. She wants consistent interiors, with lots of wood, white and good quality furniture that will allow her to hide as many things as possible. 

The dream DRUPAL.2 in its place

DRUPAL.2? Tastes best in a sauté version.

“This piece is not boring, I do not want to change it for anything else. Sometimes I would take everything off of it and hide it, because it is beautiful in itself and pleases the eye”

The first one to appear is DRUPAL.2 and with time new furniture is added to the collection… and here we refer to our friends from Petrykozy – Ewa patiently waits for them to change their decor and buys a coffee table from them. This is one of the first pieces of furniture that came out of our hands and attention please! There is only one such table in the world. A real second-hand unique! Nevertheless, this non-standard specimen is used by Ewa in the most standard way – she puts her morning coffee on it and puts her legs comfortably during a screening at home cinema.

There is only one copy of this coffee table in the world – Ewa has it

The Personal Wood Republic showroom by Ewa is successively supplemented with new specimens. The sofa with compact dimensions appears, and Ewa, as time goes by and searches for the most optimal arrangement of the furniture, finds the perfect place for it. Currently, the sofa inhabits the bedroom and is a comfortable, two-person haven for book reading. In our opinion, it’s brilliant!

The sofa is a neighbor with the SNUG bed – its light form, and at the same time incredible stability and considerable weight make a huge impression on Ewa and her husband right after being brought into the bedroom.

First impression after getting into the bedroom? A bed like a Viking boat

Plywood in bathroom? What a thought!

When looking for bathroom furniture, Ewa is skeptical and despite her sympathy for our brand, at the beginning she does not consider a plywood chest of drawers under the bathroom sink. She is a bit surprised by the price and a bit worried that the piece of furniture will absorb moisture. What convinces her? As she says – there is no sensible alternative on the market and again reliable friends from Petrykozy who have been using furniture from our Republic in their bathrooms for some time. This text is written in December 2020, so Ewa has had her chest of drawers for almost a year.

A chest of drawers under the washbasin is a perfect idea, because I can hide everything in it, everything fits, that’s why I named it: Hidden. For me it is important that there is no dust on things. I want the chest of drawers to serve us as long as possible, so I make sure it is dry, but not obsessively, because it does not absorb water. There is no comparison to board furniture.

Bespoke bathroom cabinet

Functioning with beautiful design gives peace and joy. Bliss is at home.

Your own home, furnished with your heart, is a safe and beloved haven. A permanent and unchanging place. For Ewa, who also works from home, harmonious interiors that soothe and calm her are important.

We have been arranging our place for over a year and we are enjoying our nest. From the very beginning I liked the subtlety of the form of your furniture, the legs give them incredible lightness and there is no indication that they are quite heavy. They please the eye even on a subconscious level, because communing with beautiful design makes me feel calm and light”. 

Meanwhile, the collection in the personal showroom is enlarged by the won HIP table and we know that when it comes to arranging her place, Ewa did not say the last word. Nevertheless, Ewa talks interestingly not only about our furniture. Coffee is her passion – see for yourself how she writes about it on Instagram: #projektdobrakawa

Winning photo

The author of all photos in this post is Ewa.

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