Not so long ago, Karolina came back to us with another challenge – furnishing her son’s room, which was difficult in terms of size and space. Our previous cooperation had already resulted in bespoke furniture for Ignacy. 

This time a similar complication was the slants on one of the walls, a small area and multitude of equipment that, apart from furniture, had to be accommodated in the room. Because, as it turns out, Stas is a full-fledged artist and individualist, who already has many guitar, accordion and drum solos in his life.

We started the work by creating a list of furniture that is absolutely necessary and by trying to integrate this furniture with musical instruments into the room’s volume. 

The list of furniture included everything that a child’s room must have: a bed, a chest of drawers for books and toys, a desk, a wardrobe. To this we have added a bedside table, which is also an accordion cabinet, and a pegboard with shelved above the desk. There were several versions. But in the end the room with the furniture in it looked like this:

Let’s start with the work area. It had to be close to the window of course. After all, the mind works best when natural sunlight falls on us. On the one hand, we redesigned our desk – a mixture of the FUSS and RUNO.2 was created, with drawers and open shelves on the sides. On the other hand, we adjusted the width of the GAPPA pegboard to the width of the desk.

The study and work zone is ready, now it’s time for the chill zone, i.e. the bed. Due to the small size, the bed landed not classically against the wall, but closer to the center of the room. For this reason, we made MUN.2 bed two-sided, so that Stas has access to the modules under the mattress frame from both sided. Up to 22 cm deeper drawers, the bed is a perfect space for storage, and one open module by the headrest is a secret hiding place for a comic book, book or sweets smuggled from the kitchen 🙂

A simple and small but plump bedside table stood next to the bed. In addition to the handy table top, it also has a different function of storing the accordion thank to an adjusted module. 

We have two elements that are difficult in terms of dimensions to fit into the room – drums and wardrobe. The drum kit takes up a lot of space but it is an important element that Stas uses on a regular basis, so access to it had to be easy. The drums, as a piece of furniture, are beautiful in themselves, which is why they are immediately visible at the entrance to the room, ahha!

Therefore, the corner of the room behind the drums remained for the wardrobe, and since the Wood Republic band is not afraid of such challenges – we created the wardrobe inspired by the BABA series, but in the form of a corner. Take a look at that!

We see that you are asking us more and more often for help in arranging children’s rooms. This story of Karolina and Stas is a great example of how we operate and how we can write a story with you. We are able to comprehensively design and furnish your kid’s room. All you need to do is describe your needs to us, send photos or room plans and create the list and the furniture you need, we will do the rest. Effects count more than the number of hours worked, wohow!

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