Due to its extroverted nature, the bookcase is usually the most intriguing element in the home space. The items on it allow you to get to know yourself a bit as a person and are often the beginning of interesting discussions with your guests. After all, it is what shows your passions, and book preferences reveal what albums you listen to, and present important moments in photos and beloved trinkets.

The nature of the bookcase should be ideally suited to you and your achievements.

Usually, this piece of furniture has a lot to carry, especially when you have a large library, so it must be solid, stable and made of durable materials.

By designing and then creating shelves, we allow you to match them to your collections, add unusual and non-obvious functionalities, and sometimes the ability to hide inconvenient facts in your space.
All this makes the finished piece of furniture ideal for managing your life possessions.

Here are a handful of our selected projects.

Bespoke furniture

Total customization! We developed an unusual arrangement of walls in Magda’s apartment with an interesting corner bookcase. We have open and closed modules in the form of drawers and cabinets here. There is also a place for rtv equipment. The furniture was delivered in six modules and assembled on-site. Unauthorized persons who would like to use the contents of the rack must first appease the guard.
Colour: oak

Bespoke bookshelf

Another modular rack for special tasks. This wall unit is based on the RAJ model. The vast amount of storage space is captured in an irregular form. Metal elements make this large piece of furniture retain a light form. The design includes an electrical box on the wall that fits under the bottom left drawer.
Colour: oak.

Custom bookcase

Here is our classic APEX.1, whose dimensions are adapted to younger children so that they can use all the shelves. Height 130 cm, natural colouring. Customized drawer fronts.

Bookcase with the doors

A slightly more introvert bookcase with cabinets and a bar for little something. Interestingly, it was based on the well-known and popular RAJ.2 model
Colour: cognac

home office furniture

This beautiful specimen is part of a study and work space. Integrated with a desk with a huge, 220 cm top, it provides quick and comfortable access to all necessary materials.
This building was created for a teenager’s room.
Colour: oak

wooden Mezzanine bed

A bookcase integrated with a mezzanine bed. This layout provides access to your favorite toys and books for evening reading.
Colour: oak

bookshelf for the documents

Highly customized bookcase from the APEX series. One of the drawers contains copper rods for segregation of documents.
Colour: natural

Wooden furniture, wooden bookcase

Another example of total customization. Here is a bookcase – a structure without legs, on a double bottom. It also has milled fronts that add style and lightness to it.
Colour: cognac

Modular wooden storage unit

Modular bookcase from the KOSMOS series. This specimen has drawers, cabinets and a clothes rail in the middle module and serves as a small wardrobe.
Colour: antique oak.

Mid-century bookcase

Classic APEX.lit with custom metal legs and cube.
Colour: antique oak

Home office bookcase with the desk, wooden furniture

Home office command center: a desk integrated with a substantial corner bookcase. This specimen has taken up residence in the guest room, which also serves as a home office.
Colour: antique oak

Modular starage unit

The KOSMOS series offers a lot of arrangement possibilities. Here in a version with custom drawers and a grooved front.
Colour: oak

Mezzanine bed with bookshelf

A bookcase that serves not only as a storage function, but is also a support for the bed on the mezzanine. Properly prepared plywood is an ultra-strong and stable material, which is why it is perfect for such constructions.
Colour: natural

Furniture for a children's room

Here, the bookcase has been prepared so that the bed does not hide behind the wardrobe, so it acts as a storage space and distances the bed from the wall.
Colour: oak

Double sided storage unit

An interesting case: a bookshelf for Joanna from Poznan, which divides the living room into two parts. All caviar nets open on two sides. The higher side stands against the wall, and we used a stepped structure to keep the form light.
Colour: oak

Home library

An example of an extroverted piece of furniture. This home library was created in response to a message from our customers with a photo of a bookcase from a well-known furniture chain bending under the weight of books and a request for help. The result is a huge bookshelf that has been divided into 4 modules to allow it to biting it home.
Colour: oak

Bookshelf and tv cabinet

A classic VENT bookcase with slightly higher legs to perfectly match the ATARA tv cabinet standing nearby.
Colour: rosewood

 Wooden storage unit

Classic APEX.lit in natural colouring, with a gray cube.

Natural plywood scandinavian bookshelf

Beautiful, openwork, corner bookcase based on APEX.lit. Metal cubes give lightness to the whole form.
Colour: bleached

Bespoke wooden bookshelf

This bookcase was created for Leszek, who wanted the piece of furniture to have a light form and a lot of open modules.
Colour: oak

Furniture made by carpentry shop

These two VENT bookcases were created for the attic room. Their main task was to store as many books as possible.
Colour: natural

Corner bookshelf

This neat specimen was created to use the space, and at the same time mask the ventilation shaft in the apartment of Monika from Gdansk. The openwork side wall gives lightness to the whole form.
Colour: cognac

Modern wooden bookcase

A custom-made bookcase, designed from scratch for a customer from France, inspired by Bauhaus-type forms. The light, modern form stands firmly on the ground on a neat pedestal.
Colour: oak

bespoke furniture

Classic RAJ.2 in ebony colour. The darker the shade of wax, the clearer the drawing of natural wood.

Bespoke children's room furniture

Here is the comcentreenter for the little troublemaker. A set of modular shelves that will accommodate all the attributes of a children’s room.
Colour: natural

Wooden furniture made to measure

Here is a bookcase for an office that not only looks good and has the ability to store a lot of things, but also hides an unsightly pipe in the corner of the room. This specimen is almost 3 m high and 2 m wide.
Colour: oak

Home wooden library

A home library inspired by the VENT bookcase. A truly magnificent piece of furniture has been created!
Colour: oak

And what do you see when you imagine the perfect bookcase? If you are inspired by our works and want a piece of furniture that perfectly matches your collection, just contact us.






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