Today, we target difficult spaces, rebellious due to their size, but requiring a lot of functionality. Recently, we often face the challenges posed by you to design a piece of furniture that will connect or divide different areas of your homes. The matter becomes serious when we have to combine several needs of a family energetic kind of flat in one room. Multifunctional and multi-purpose furniture is, however, our specialty. All this thanks to the possibility of personalizing the product or designing it from scratch together with you.Then we can take into account the smallest details and dimensions to adjust the bookcase, chest of drawers or other piece of furniture in such a way that not only decorates the space, but above all helps in the everyday life of the whole family, hurray!

A well-planned living space is one where the household members feel at ease and comfortable. It is a family space where various activities of the whole family are performed without disturbing the coherence of a given room. An ideal example of maintaining this consistency is dividing living rooms into areas with the use of bookshelves.

This can be done using furniture that is light in form, but spacious. Our project, combining metal with plywood, fits well into the customer’s space, and its form, consisting of two separate shelves connected at the corners, is able to provide a wide range of compositions. You can place them next to each other, corner or use them independently in two different rooms, if you feel like it. The option of designing with us allows you to create a piece that will provide not only capacity and functional solutions, but will be an aesthetic denominator of a common space.

In small apartments, it is also a good solution to separate the kitchen and dining area from the living room. A two-sided bookcase, to which access is provided from all sides, will perfectly fit into this division. On the one hand, it freely displays objects, books, CDs or games supporting us in relaxation, on the other hand, it has shelves and closed cabinets that can hide kitchen gear. Take a look at the examples of such two-sided pieces.

Another solution is a double-sided kitchen island that connects or divides the living room zone and the family dining center. The functions of storage and free access to the necessary modules are perfectly preserved here, and at the same time, it is possible to create two independent faces of the furniture, each of which fits into the image of a given space – a relaxing and subdued living room and a dynamic kitchen.

For some time now, the family of domestic animals, i.e. furniture from Wood Republic, has been growing with such specimens that, standing freely in the space of the apartment, at the same time connect / divide / create a plan of individual zones, while maintaining their main goal: to support the household in everyday life. In a small apartment, it is important to maintain moderation and proportions – a piece cannot overwhelm, constitute an unnecessary decoration, but combine and functionally organize the space, at the same time being a good place to display items that are important to us – whether for aesthetic or sentimental reasons. And in Wood Republic it’s our thing that we like to design your dreams with you and make the impossible become… a home-made piece of furniture.

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