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LAMMA are lamellas that can be used in a phenomenal way in home, office and commercial interiors, creating stylish herds. Their adaptation possibilities are surprisingly wide - by customising the dimensions and color of the plywood, you can 100% match them to your requirements.

You can adjust the LAMMA wall to a specific space by selecting:

  • height and width of individual lamellas
  • the color of the plywood
  • lamella orientation: vertically, horizontally or diagonally
  • way of exposure: as an autonomous openwork wall or mounted as decoration to an existing wall
  • dimension of the space to be developed (the price on the website is given for a specific size, but you can customise it freely).

Would you like to customise the size or finish color of your furniture?

LAMMA is 100% birch plywood.

LAMMA is a paradoxical element – it connects and divides space at the same time. You can use lamellas in two ways.
Leave space for the free flow of information by using an autonomous, openwork wall, discreetly separating the zones in the interior.
You can also create an intriguing decoration for an existing wall by attaching lamellas directly to it.

Do not be afraid of large clusters of elements in the LAMMA herd – it is a product that is absolutely friendly to the health of all household members, because it is impregnated with natural oil – waxes and made entirely of high-quality plywood with low formaldehyde emission.

Do you need 3D models? Are you an interior designer? Check what we have for you.

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LAMMA is handmade from start to finish, each single panel is ideally hand-crafted.

We use high-quality birch plywood with FSC certificate and with low formaldehyde emission. The plywood is hand-crafted and finished is such matter, to make the surface user friendly.

We finish the plywood with natural oil waxes which have safety certificates for children, they are also resistant to abrasion, dirt and hydrophobic.



LAMMA lamellas can be customised in terms of size, form and finish, yay!

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We don’t have warehouses or mass production, that’s why we need approximately 9-12 weeks to make each piece of furniture. The built-in and custom orders are estimated individually.

Zuzanna is here to welcome you in Wood Republic – feel free to talk to her (+48 888 446 206).

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