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KOSMOS is a modular piece and shelving system that you can design according to your needs. It can also be modified during everyday use. You can feel its weightlessness and unlimited possibilities in customisation.

Check how it works and if it suits you:

  • click "estimate" and you will be transferred to the space, where you will be able to build your constellation of modules,
  • choose the height, width and depth of the furniture,
  • choose the modules from the list or create your own,
  • decide about the finish of your KOSMOS - both plywood and metal frames,
  • READY and into the cart - you can also send us the order by describing us your choices,
  • you want to try?

Would you like to customise the size or finish color of your furniture?

KOSMOS is a modular piece of furniture - you can create from it your own home library, wall unit, TV cabinet or wardrobe and even more!

KOSMOS equals functionality. In this modular system, you can choose from nine basic modules and several possibilities of total dimensions, from which you will easily plan every possible furniture in every possible space. If you decide to change its function and form, you can just rearrange the layout and place of individual modules. Et voilà!KOSMOS also means design. A piece of furniture that, against the gravity, gently flows above the ground, thanks to its light, metal frame. It was created to introduce some weightlessness into the design. It depends on you, what piece of furniture you create, but if you have any doubts regarding its final form, we will be happy to guide and design the furniture with you!KOSMOS as a piece very susceptible for changes, can willingly become whatever you want it to be! It can transform into a home library or shelving unit in your office, a wall unit or TV stand in the living room or a wardrobe, dressing table or desk in your bedroom but also serve as a storage space. KOSMOS will also gladly land in your children’s private space!

Do you need 3D models? Are you an interior designer? Check what we have for you.

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We offer furniture delivery to the EU, UK, and other global destinations. The delivery terms vary based on the location, with options for both free and additional-charge services. The exact costs will be provided during the quotation stage of your order.


Your order begins processing once the payment is confirmed. For larger orders, you have the option to make a 50% prepayment, which activates the order immediately.


We give you full support - together we check whether the furniture fits your interior and needs. If not, we will easily adjust it for you


All furniture is made in our carpentry shop from certified raw materials, and the wood surface is impregnated with natural oilwaxes.

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KOSMOS is handmade from start to finish, each element is hand-finished.

We use high-quality birch plywood with FSC certificate and with low formaldehyde emission. The plywood is hand-crafted and finished is such matter, to make the surface user friendly.

We finish the plywood with natural oil waxes which have safety certificates for children, they are also resistant to abrasion, dirt and hydrophobic.



KOSMOS modular system can easily be customised with no limits – you can choose your own modules, size, form or wood and steel finish. While creating your KOSMOS, you create your own constellations, yay!

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We don’t have warehouses or mass production, that’s why we need approximately 15 weeks to make each piece of furniture. The built-in and custom orders are estimated individually.

Delivery is subject to an additional charge. The exact cost of transportation will be provided to you during the quotation stage of your order.

We are here to welcome you in Wood Republic – feel free to talk to us (+48 888 446 206).

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