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Wood Republic

HIP is a small table that fits perfectly in any room. Tricky spaces don’t scare it.

Hip, hip, hurrah!

Check if it suits you:

  • height 45 cm / blat 56 x 49 cm,
  • innovative, triangle shape,
  • cleverness and functionality.

Would you like to customise a size or finish of your furniture?

HIP is a resolute and clever table - show him the space and he will fit into it without any doubts.

Thanks to the triangle shape it is not afraid of any angles or spaces. It looks great everywhere. Install it in modern spaces, lofts, big and bright rooms. Use it as a coffee table in a living room, a side table in an office next to your desk, or a bedside table for your mug and book in a bedroom.

Do you need 3D models? Are you an interior designer? Check what we have for you.

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HIP is handmade from start to finish, each element is hand-finished.

We use high-quality wood for production (plywood which means presses thin layers “plies” of solid birch wood), which we finish by making its surface user friendly.

Natural hard oil waxes resistant to abrasion and dirt are our impregnates.


When creating a HIP table, we want to allow ourselves a bit of madness, so you can choose a wood finish from our range of oil waxes!

HIP can be customized in terms of size, form and finish, yay!

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Free shipment to Poland is guaranteed for all orders.

We don’t have warehouses, or mass production, that’s why we need approximately 11-13 weeks to make each piece of furniture.

Zuzanna is here to welcome you in Wood Republic – feel free to talk to her (888 446 206).

customise with us

    Add or remove a shelf or module, change inner dimensionsetc.

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