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APEX.lit is a bookcase with a great potential! With such a piece of furniture you will subdue your space, keeping on shelves books, vases and other ornaments, in drawers knick-knacks that you don’t want anybody to see and in a spacious cabinet your favourite snacks and liquors.

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  • height 200 cm / width 140 cm / depth 35 cm,
  • a large form is perfect for different kind and sizes of knick-knacks,
  • proud and bold combination of wood and metal.

Would you like to customise a size or finish of your furniture?

The APEX.lit bookcase is an innovative combination of two different materials - birch plywood and steel.

APEX.lit is a piece of furniture that reaches the top of aesthetics. It has a great potential, as you can load it up to the top.

Closed modules (drawers, cupboard and cabinet) can be used for storage and in open modules for showing your book and album collection.

Its look was inspired by Scandinavian modern design and innovative designs from the 1970s.

Thanks to the elegant combination of plywood and metal, APEX.lit will look perfectly in spacious apartments, lofts, modern offices and studios. Place it in a living room, hallway, dining room or a bedroom.

Do you need 3D models? Are you an interior designer? Check what we have for you.

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APEX.lit is handmade from start to finish, each element is hand-finished.

We use high-quality birch plywood with FSC certificate and with low formaldehyde emission. The plywood is hand-crafted and finished is such matter, to make the surface user friendly.

We finish the plywood with natural oil waxes which have safety certificates for children, they are also resistant to abrasion, dirt and hydrophobic.


When creating the APEX.lit bookcase, we want to allow ourselves a bit of madness, so choose individual colors of drawer fronts according to the RAL palette!

APEX.lit can be personalized in terms of size, form and finish, yay!

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Free shipment to UE countries is guaranteed for all orders. The shipping cost to other countries is estimated separately.

We don’t have warehouses or mass production, that’s why we need approximately 9-12 weeks to make each piece of furniture. The built-in and custom orders are estimated individually.

Zuzanna is here to welcome you in Wood Republic – feel free to talk to her (+48 888 446 206).

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