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We like to think outside the box, which is why we’ve designed the new TOKI collection, where we merge two inspiring styles: Scandinavian and Japanese. As always, you’ll get from us good design, functionality, and unparalleled durability because from the very beginning, we’ve embraced the concept of living with less waste, crafting artisanal furniture for a lifetime.

The TOKI collection includes furniture for the living room, bedroom, and home office, with its style serving as a launching point for inspiring projects across various interior design aesthetics. Each addition to the Wood Republic family brings forth new possibilities and ideas for unique interior arrangements.

Step into the inspiring world of the new TOKI collection.

TOKI.sofa made from natural birch plywood, finished with a havana-colored oil wax. Comfortable cushions dressed in eco-friendly upholstery in ecru.

The comfortable TOKI.sofa is designed with blissful relaxation in mind at any moment. Its eco-friendly upholstery, made entirely from recycled materials, ensures pleasant tactile experiences, while the base, crafted from birch wood treated with natural oil waxes, provides a sturdy foundation. You can confidently place a cup of coffee, tea, or snacks on the side shelves, which also serve as convenient storage for remotes or gaming controllers. The sofa features comfortable seating and angled cushions, offering a soothing retreat akin to the calmness of the ocean after a long day.

Birch wood is characterized by distinct grain patterns, which we accentuate with natural oil waxes.

All our furniture looks beautiful from every angle, allowing you to place them even in the central point of the room, dividing the space into cozy zones. The TOKI collection blends seamlessly into hygge, Scandinavian, boho, and eclectic interiors.

Rama łóżka TOKI.bed
The bed frame should above all be stable and reliable.

Staying in the realm of relaxation, let’s move to the TOKI.bed. What’s most important when choosing a bed frame? Quality! The mattress base must be strong, stable, and durable. Rest assured that you can always rely on our beds.


The TOKI.bed features a textured headboard, providing both support and a cozy, intimate oasis. Additionally, the headboard serves to protect the wall from potential stains.
On the side shelves, you can confidently place a cup, store a book, or place your phone. These handy shelves can replace a nightstand or serve as its perfect complement.
This frame is designed to fit a mattress size of 90x200x20 cm, but we can personalize it for you if needed. We offer single, double, and king-size beds. We’ll adjust the height of the side rails to match your mattress. You can also choose the wood color because each piece of furniture is made to order in our workshop.

Stolik kawowy z drewna brzozowego
TOKI.table is a handy coffee table made of birch plywood, finished with a Havana-colored oil wax.

Every respectable living room should be equipped with a coffee table. This compact piece, TOKI.table, will gladly assist you in your living room rituals. Additionally, TOKI.table is suitable for business spaces—it can serve as the foundation for important meetings or chillout zones.

komplet mebli do salonu
The TOKI.sofa and TOKI.table coffee table form a harmonious duo.

The TOKI living room furniture set will delight you with comfort, attention to detail, and the beauty of natural birch wood. Settle in comfortably with your favorite drink and enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Komoda TOKI.chest z drewna brzozowego
The dresser is equipped with 3 drawers with soft-close mechanisms, a cabinet with a ribbed front, and an open, representative space. Made from birch wood stained with Havana-colored oil wax.

The TOKI.chest dresser is more than just furniture – it’s a blend of elegance, functionality, and natural harmony. In designing this cabinet, we’ve emphasized creating a space that not only stores items but also becomes the focal point of your interior, exuding the calmness and functionality of the Japandi style.

komplet mebli sofa i komoda
Perfectly suited for the hygge style

A prestigious set that softens even the toughest of hearts. You can alter the character of the furniture by selecting the shade of oil wax as well as the color and type of upholstery fabric. Create the interior of your dreams! We’re more than happy to offer advice.

szafka rtv tv cabinet living room salon sklejka plywood japandi bauhaus minimal dąb
The TOKI.unit TV cabinet is stained with Havana-colored oil wax.

Completing the set of living room furniture is the TOKI.unit TV cabinet. It’s a piece with a balanced form, equipped with two drawers and two cabinets. You can’t pass by it indifferently. It’s not just a piece of furniture… it’s visual poetry that brings peace and beauty to your home. With its symmetrical composition, this TV cabinet seamlessly blends into various interiors, adding a unique charm to them.

szafka rtv tv cabinet living room salon sklejka plywood japandi bauhaus minimal dąb

The TOKI.unit is designed for the center of home entertainment, so feel free to place your amplifier, turntable, or console on it. Remember that we can adjust the form to specific equipment, resulting in the perfect custom cabinet.

A bookshelf and desk in a home office
The TOKI.desk desk accompanied by a custom-made bookshelf.

Let’s take a moment to visit the home office. It shouldn’t lack a distinguished, sturdy desk and a practical bookshelf. The TOKI.desk will provide you with space for creative work, while also supporting focus and concentration. This minimalist desk with drawers is the perfect combination of refined design and functionality.

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The elegant TOKI.desk desk was custom-made for a client who envisioned a marriage of two beautiful oil waxes in ebony and antique oak colors. This exquisite combination makes a huge impression in the home office space.

taboret stolik nocny stool nightstand table coffee sklejka plywood bauhaus japandi
The TOKI.stool is stained with Havana-colored oil wax.

At the end of the story about the latest TOKI collection, we present our cherry on top, the TOKI.stool. This unassuming, small piece of furniture is characterized by exceptional stability. It can appear on the stage of your everyday life as a stool, small coffee table, nightstand, or flower stand, perfectly adapting to your needs.

Furniture from Wood Republic is an investment in excellent design, functionality, and exceptional durability. Our pieces stand out with eco-friendly materials and high-quality craftsmanship, and moreover, each piece of furniture can be customized to perfectly fit your needs and taste.

If you value quality, craftsmanship, and good design, contact us and tell us what you need for your home. We’ll help you transform your space.


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