The new series is, in fact, a reference to the cosmic mystery and the enormity of celestial bodies in the universe. KOSMOS, despite its solid weight, was supposed to play with gravity and give the impression of floating above the ground. We wanted to give you the possibility of creating various constellations of modules, building dependencies between them and playing with forms and dimensions. We wanted to put you in a state of weightlessness, when designing… KOSMOS it is!

A constellation of modules in the KOSMOS system – a version for Joanna’s wardrobe. Flowerbed from


Despite the fact that, since the dawn of our history, we have been giving a lot of possibilities in terms of customising furniture and often even creating completely new projects, we felt that, together, we could do even more. As it usually happens – necessity is the mother of invention… The initiator of the KOSMOS series was Joanna – the idea of modular furniture, under the Wood Republic name, was sprouting in her head for a long time. The opportunity for implementation came with the start of building a house and designing furniture for her and Michal’s new home. Dreams of a perfect interior, marital conversations over a glass of wine and the conjunction of Joanna’s ideas with Michal’s designer approach, gave rise to the concept of a modular furniture, light in its form, with a frame that does not limit creativity and the possibility of adapting it to any space.                                                                                   First two specimens will act as a bedroom wardrobe, however, selected modules, after changing their arrangement, can fulfill different roles – a home library, work space, dressing table or a wall unit… It will be clearly visible in the pictures!

A constellation of KOSMOS modules – a version with a mini desk or a dressing table

Constellations of possibilities

Combining plywood with steel is one of our favourites – it gives to our furniture a lot of loft character and provides a lot of possibilities. The shape and size of the KOSMOS is unknown to us: that is how customization works with this unusual series – we build it together from the beginning. Like our every project – this one will also live your life, every one of them will be special and unique. Imagine, the steel frame in the color of your wall, optically blends with it, thanks to which the KOSMOS practically floats above the floor. Not feeling it? So choose wild, distinctive color from the RAL or NCS palette and colored fronts of the cabinets and drawers to it. Your options are almost infinite!

For this moment, we have prepared nine basic modules in three sizes options and three basic heights of the metal frame – but there will be more for sure! You can present your own ideas for modules and choose the height of the frame, perfectly fitting the whole to your needs.  

The bigger distance between the racks creates a perfect space for vegetation. The rug from MO rugs.

How it works? Game rules

You create your own KOSMOS by filling the form on our website or writing us a message. 
The constellation will arrive to you in parts: frame made of two metal side rectangles, to which the modules will be fitted (modules must always be supported by separate frames on both sides, even if you want them to be a one set of furniture). To every order, we attach a set of Swedish screws, distance pins and hex (Allen) key – you will easily assemble the KOSMOS by yourself using these necessary accessories. It must be fitted to the wall. We will contact you just before the shipment, ask you for details and along with the furniture you will be equipped with the right set of screws. 

Zoom to detail!

Free design

If you are looking for furniture you can adjust freely, KOSMOS modular system is perfect for you. You can design it according to your needs and easily modify it during everyday use. It’s a state of weightlessness when designing and unlimited customization. 

KOSMOS in the boho version. Here we have connected the shelves with each other. The rug from MO rugs.
Here is Harvey – a cat that gave us a lot of smoke during the photo session;) The rug from MO rugs.

Thanks for watching and see you in the next blog post!
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