The word Sustainable best describes what plywood and furniture made of it are like in relation to the natural environment. This word has many meanings depending on the context, but we will only focus on plywood and furniture made of it.

Sustainable furniture


Plywood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. It is a sandwich construction consisting of three or more thin sheets of solid wood. It is completely biodegradable. One tree provides more material when prepared for plywood production than if it were intended for solid wood. The trees are harvested from controlled crops using an ecological production process. We only use 100% birch plywood, which is more durable than other softwoods. It is used where it is necessary to withstand increased loads: for the production of furniture and all types of internal and external building frames. tv cabinet sustainable boho wooden  


We work with certified plywood producers that meet the standards, who: – harvest timber and reforest leased forest plots in accordance with the principles and criteria of the international standard of the Forest Stewardship Council, FSC for short. – they produce plywood with E1 hygiene class, which means that it is safe for humans and animals in terms of formaldehyde emission and environmentally friendly. – they work on the basis of ISO standards and systems – use only legal raw materials More:  Sustainable furniture


The production of sustainable furniture is a process that begins at the stage of obtaining wood. We cannot ignore the issue of respect for the natural environment. The Forest Stewardship Council system supports environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically forest management while preserving the natural heritage. The plywood we use is FSC certified. What is important to us is the careful, rational use of wood in production, with the use of resource-saving technologies with a minimal impact on the environment – from the moment of obtaining the raw material to the disposal of the finished product. Sustainable furniture


The raw material we use has the E1 formaldehyde emission class, which means that it is safe for humans and animals and environmentally friendly. Plywood and oil-waxes, which we use for coloring and impregnation, can even be used for the production of toys for children. It is important when we realize how much time we spend every day in the vicinity of furniture, and even more so when we touch the surface of a desk, table or how close we are to the bed frame when we sleep. Sustanable furniture


From the very beginning, we assume that it is better to create something good, timeless, for many years, than to do one-off and stimulate consumerism. The production process of our furniture is not short, but the finished specimens have a very long service life. They are so resistant and durable that they are able to survive removals, reuse, changes of owners, and even themselves … This is the entire life cycle of the item – from the moment of obtaining the raw material, through compensation for the environment thanks to new plantings and practically energy-free plywood production, to the finished handmade furniture and finally the moment of its disposal (remember about complete biodegradability). Plywood is an extremely durable material, thanks to which our furniture will last a lifetime … or two 🙂  

sustainable furniture

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