witryna ze sklejki

Everything is based on wood.

We fell in love with plywood at first sight. Shy and rough at first glance – it doesn’t immediately reveal her natural beauty. We patiently studied it, and took a long time to find out how to handle it.

By soaking inconspicuous surfaces with the best oil waxes and smoothing it, we discovered what it liked the most. You know … as befits true love, it was sometimes capricious and difficult, but proper treatment of plywood reveals the amazing grain of the wood and its potential.


Believe us – the moment of waxing the raw, inconspicuous surface of a piece of furniture is interesting and fascinating for us each time. Each plate is different – we give the wood a repeatable shade using the appropriate wax, but you never know what the end result will be. It is only certain that the piece of furniture will be one of a kind, there will never be another copy of the same type, it cannot be copied. Wax always reveals the secrets – the beautiful history of real wood, the astonishing meanders of the grain and its fascinating shades.

Chemistry not only in love

The awareness that plywood layers are joined with various adhesives raises the question: is Wood Republic furniture safe for people and animals? The answer is YES. Our plywood meets the strictest emission standards, and even toys for children can be made of it.

When it comes to impregnation and finishing – the furniture is soaked with certified oil waxes based on natural ingredients. Wood Republic furniture can successfully live in the homes of allergy sufferers and people sensitive to chemical substances.

What exactly is plywood?

To put it simply – these are very thin layers of wood joined together under pressure into plates of various thicknesses. Glued with various binders, depending on the intended use. The raw material is associated by many with poor quality, poorly aesthetic constructions, unsightly color, damp spots, roughness. Well, it is partially true, because the massively available plywood is often made of mixed species of wood and has many gaps between the layers, and it is most often unskillfully impregnated and finished. Meanwhile…

Think outside the box, free your heads from all patterns!

At Wood Republic, we use 100% birch plywood – no substitutes, no imitations, no rubbish! It retains all the aesthetic features of solid wood, but thanks to its layering, it is stronger and more durable than it. Plywood is an ecological material both in the process of obtaining raw material and in production. A small producer who obtains wood from permanent places in the Baltic countries provides us with a material of a consistent, high level and in the lightest shade available. Birch plywood is hard, durable and not easy to work with, and at the same time – with the right proportions of sensitivity and firmness – it is a very grateful material. Thanks to careful impregnation, we obtain a high degree of hydrophobicity, which allows the use of ready-made furniture even in bathrooms.

The devil’s in the detail

Details are of great importance to us, which is why the method of joining plywood layers is extremely important to us, because what is hidden in others, we display to the public. We put the look and coherence of the interior on a par with the exterior. No understatements!

Plywood recovered  

You often tell us that the smoothness and beautiful pattern of the wood enchant you and positively surprise you – especially if you have not had the opportunity to feel our specimens on your own skin before. “Wait a minute! Is it really plywood furniture?” you say.

Ha! … It seems that we have disenchanted the raw material – we have learned it and refined the processing technology, squeezing out the best from it. The base material of the highest quality wood, good design, finishing with oil waxes based on natural ingredients – we do not compromise in this field. That’s the truth!

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