pokój dziecięcy sklejka na wymiar

Are children demanding customers?
Well … When it comes to furniture for their rooms, they only have to be:
x ultra stable and durable, so that you can perform wild fun on them
x creative to turn the bed into a hidden base in an instant, the chest of drawers into a pirate ship, and the wardrobe into a portal to Narnia.
x capacious to fit any treasures, LEGO, clothes, instruments, books, crayons, toys, backpack and much more…
x available for toddlers to learn independence
x unusual, and at the same time quite universal, because children grow so fast
x safe – without sharp edges and meeting strict standards, so that they do not treat a sensitive organism with toxic formaldehyde…

Not much, right? 😅
We know children’s furniture, we already made a lot of them and we want to show you some ready-made projects. Enjoy!

pokój dziecka łóżko piętrowe sklejka
For Olga’s child from Lublin, we have made such a fantastic bed with a huge space to play – unusual, because on the mezzanine. Below it, in addition to a place to sleep, there is a deep wardrobe. To the mezzanine lead stairs – boxes with hidden drawers (see the next photo). The bed, inspired by the MUN.double model, has an additional mattress for guests. Oil wax color: natural.
pokój dziecka łóżko piętrowe sklejka
The leitmotif in the room are circles, so we enlarged the openings in the wardrobe to make them consistent with the whole. You can also see the aforementioned stairs in the form of boxes. Oil wax color: natural.


We played a bit with the form and the result was an irregular bookcase with lots of storage space. The set includes a seat with drawers. Everything happily lived in Kamila’s child’s room in Switzerland. Oil wax color: natural + colorful fronts.


The mother of 6-year-old Baltazar from Gdansk chose furniture from our standard offer. Only the colors of the drawer fronts were customized. Here we have an original ZZIP.2 bed, a FUSS desk and a BABA.1 wardrobe. Perfect set! Oil wax color: natural + colorful fronts.


This fantastic piece of furniture was created for the child of Karolina from Warsaw. The client wanted a place to play on the wardrobe. The wardrobe is quite deep, so it has recessed shelves and you can enter it completely. Due to the small size of the room, we could not build traditional stairs, so to the mezzanine leads a ladder, milled on the side of the wardrobe. Oil wax color: natural.


Here we see an arranged session with a youn model, but in fact it is a set for a teenager’s room. We have an absolutely brilliant MUN.double bed with a hidden additional mattress for guests, a huge wardrobe, bookcase and corner seat. Oil wax color: oak + colorful fronts.


Extras define the atmosphere! And here is furniture for a teenager in children’s styling for the needs of the session. A huge corner desk, a seat with drawers and a wardrobe are basically all that our young client needed. This set, as well as the furniture from the previous photo, are stationed in the rooms of Grażyna’s sons from Switzerland. Oil wax color: oak + colorful fronts.


Original NEST.crib baby cot with drawers and a modular shelf in the Montessori spirit. Oil wax color: natural.


A baby corner in the parents’ bedroom. Agnieszka and Michal from Warsaw chose the NEST.crib. On request, we made it without drawers, but with longer rungs, matching its legs to the nearby custom-made chest of drawers. Thanks to this, the line of both pieces of furniture is consistent and they form a harmonious duo. Oil wax color: natural + colorful fronts.


Agnieszka and Michal’s second child’s room. Here we have a built-in bed with shortened legs. To make smart use of the remained space, we have included a treasure box that opens at the top. A perforated radiator cover is attached to the long side of the bed, and outside the frame there is an upholstered headrest. The desk, on the other hand, is a quite interesting structure, mounted to the wall. The folding table top allows you to enlarge the play area – such a solution was necessary due to the small size of the room and it works perfectly there. Oil wax color: natural.


Huge, corner furniture for two teenagers with a sleeping place downstairs and upstairs. This multifunctional piece of furniture lives in a very tall apartment in Łódź, hence the huge space between the first and second bedroom levels. Lots of sleeping and storage space! Oil wax color: oak.


It was a giga realization. A huge bookcase 2.2 x 2m inspired by the RAJ series and a RUNO-based desk with a large top – its length is 2.3m! There will be plenty of space for creative work or effective learning on such an area. Out of all the pieces of furniture for Ms. Katarzyna, we chose the two that were placed in the corner of a teenager’s room in Warsaw. Oil wax color: oak.


Mr. Lukasz from Lodz likes to organize the space freely, which is why there are two chests of drawers on wheels for his child’s room. The set includes an APEX.2 bookcase and a classic RUNO.3 desk. Oil wax color: oak + colorful fronts


Here is a low mezzanine bed for a toddler. Super comfortable stairs, and underneath a space to play with entering like a real cave! An integrated bookcase with two-sided access only turns up the fun 🙂 Here we have also a classic RUNO.2 desk with cutomized colors of drawers. The wardrobe, on the other hand, was based on the BABA.2 specimen – in this case, Alkis from Switzerland wanted to maximize the storage space and in the place of the legs, 2 capacious drawers were created. Oil wax color: natural with colored fronts.

Are you dreaming of a perfect room for a child? Please feel free to contact us. Let’s check what we can do for you 🙂

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