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Home algebra

Magda – organizer of medical conferences, a boho and Scandinavian lover plus Przemek – artist, illustrator, among others in Newsweek, educated in science, preferring modern furniture with a large dose of metal. They both share a passion for minimalism and Polish design. Nevertheless, each decision regarding the elements of interior design resulted in long disputes and checking the origin of the materials. Strictly defined expectations as to the quality and origin of the furniture, multiplied by two, revealed the truth: appearances are deceptive – the choice on the market is very limited.

Hence, the interior design of their home is the result of a hard-won compromise.*

*Does not apply to bedroom furniture. There was no discussion here.

Furniture deduction

As they recall – our furniture united them in an instant, no concessions were needed, nothing had to be given up – trust and mutual agreement immediately appeared. On the one hand, a modern form, on the other hand, the warmth and naturalness of plywood. It was the eclectic Wood Republic furniture that was supposed to appear in their bedroom.

But let’s start from the beginning …

Start in a new home is camping and total hardcore. Lack of equipment, belongings in boxes, mattress on the floor and daily jogging to an old, leaking refrigerator standing in the shed. Although it determined the morning discipline, it was extremely annoying.

Magda, as a driving force in a marriage, started her search for furniture for a child and found her way to Wood Republic.

“The spaces that were most needed at that moment were the bedrooms: the son’s and ours. I am not in this “comfortable” situation when my husband accepts everything. It has a very high sense of aesthetics. Professionally, he followed his heart and works artistically, which translates into a vision of the interior in which he lives. The search for bedroom furniture was a torment …”

Magda took control of interior design inspirations, while Przemek carefully checked everything, transferring every idea to technical drawings, which became the basis for working on a bedroom that was not easy to arrange. The quality of the furniture was equally important. It started with the bed. Earlier experience has shown that loose rungs under the mattress are unacceptable, which is why SNUG.double has won the approval of the couple – its one-piece, ventilated mattress base is tightly connected to the frame, so it is not possible for the furniture to be unstable!

“You don’t have to look far to find something cool that is eye-catching and beautiful. We support Polish brands.”

Then FIU and HIP tables appeared, which served as bedside tables. Ultimately, Magda also wanted a drawer and a shelf by the bed, so for the sake of comfort, one more FIU cabinet was added to their collection, and the table became a perfect flowerbed.

Variables and constants

Magda’s and Przemek’s dream bedroom is a comfortable peace oasis, with lots of flowers and natural materials, such as linen. It is a space free from electronic devices. However, the pandemic situation has verified the assumptions of many of us, forcing us to adapt to new conditions, changing our habits. Hence, RUNO.2, which was supposed to be a dressing table, now fulfills its standard role – it is simply a desk in Magda’s home office. Despite the fact that she works perfectly with it, she wants to return to her previous arrangements, so probably soon the workplace with the phone and computer will have to leave the bedroom.

“Despite everything, we enjoy resting there – it’s comfortable, nothing has let us down so far so we have no objections.”

Order in collections

The APEX bookcase is the most bespoke piece of furniture. The drawer contains copper bars for the segregation of documents.

Magda: “I can’t live in disorder… We were expanding the documentation related to the construction of the house. When I added a box of my and my husband’s papers to it, finding any scrap of paper was a miracle. I like cataloging, I like to know where our every examination, certificate of work, or the last bill for garbage collection is located 😉 APEX in such an edition makes my life much easier :)”

“When furnishing a house, we think about our son. It is very important in which interiors the child is brought  up – it affects his sense of aesthetics and his future. We try to surround him with non-standard, beautiful objects.”

Magda and Przemek let us in for a while, but you can see even more – be sure to check out the works of Przemek, who has been awarded many times for his work!

Until February 5, 2021. You can buy his works with a 10% discount by entering the IGNITION code.

In the bedroom there are: a double bed SNUG.double, two bedside tables FIU.1, desk RUNO.2, bespoke bookcase from the APEX family, with copper bars in a drawer for cataloging documents, chest of drawers, coffee table (here in the role of the flowerbed) HIP. Photos by Magda and Przemek.

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