We are not afraid of challenges, so we are happy to undertake non-standard projects. If you dream of a piece of furniture to size, tailored to your space and designed for a particular room, you have come to the right place. How do I get down to it?

design in 3 steps


Measure precisely the space that we would be designing for.

At this stage, you need to start thinking about what you would like to have in your space. We can design furniture tailored to your home, where each item will have its place.

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Think about functionality (exactly what you need, open or closed modules, more cabinets or shelves). There are almost no limits for us!
Do you dream of a custom-made piece of furniture, a trained window, cupboardunder the sink, or maybe you have your own idea for a piece of furniture? Think about its form and practical use, and we will help you design your dream furniture!
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If you already know what you would like but you are not sure how the finish should look, go ahead and ask us. We will help you choose the right form, share our experience, advise on arranging the available space.

Maybe you like some of our furniture, but you would like to personalise or redesign it? Tell us what you want about this chosen furniture and what you wish to keep. Let us know what modules you need in the furniture and what should be their purpose. We will design the furniture with you, creating a project dedicated to you.

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get inspired

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customize with us

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