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SNUG.double is an evening shelter where you will simply feel extremely safe and comfortable.

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  • width 143 cm / height 71,5 cm / length 203 cm,
  • Enthusiasm for cudching,
  • Discretion to the sphere of the private owner.

bed SNUG is not just bedroom furniture, it's your night shelter.

SNUG is bedwhere you will sink, sail away, fly straight to your dreams.

bed SNUG.double is perfect for spacious apartments, lofts, but also for cosy, stylized interiors.
It can be used as a bedmarital or simply beddouble in your bedroom, but it can also be used in the children's room. All you have to do is personalize its dimension, finally, with Wood Republicno limitations of customization!

Would you like to personalize your piece of furniture in terms of dimension or finishing?

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bed SNUG.double is handmade from start to finish, each element is hand-finished.

We use high-quality wood (plywood or pressed patches of solid birch wood) for the production of our furniture. We prepare the wood so that the surface can be used for any purpose. Impregnated natural waxes are hard oil resistant to abrasion and dirt.


In creating an SNUG.double bed we want to allow ourselves a little bit of madness, so you can colour it as you wish with waxes from our range!

SNUG.double can be personalised in terms of size, form and finish, jupi!

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We offer free delivery on the territory of Poland for the furniture available in our shop!

We do not have warehouses or bulk production, so for every furniture, we need an average of 9-10 weeks!

Joanna is here to host you in Wood Republic – go ahead and talk with her (+48 605 611 271).

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