The JOOMLA table is a simple but sophisticated form that will fit into any living room and will be its strategic point. JOOMLA is a handy system for managing the relaxation or work zone, which is why it will also work well in the office or studio.

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JOOMLA table has a minimalistic and refine form that can be a centre point of any living room. JOOMLA is a relax and work management system, that’s why it also works well in an office or a studio.

Check if it suits you:

  • Top size 110 x 70 cm,
  • height 40 cm,
  • daily tasks and coffee mug support.

Chcesz spersonalizować mebel pod względem wymiaru lub wykończenia?

JOOMLA is a table that will serve as a roomy and indispensable element of the living room.

JOOMLA is a beautiful table in its minimalistic form. Diagonal legs and symmetrical form shape it as a light piece of furniture despite its size. In spacious shelves under the top you can keep useful knick-knacks. JOOMLA table is a summary of a stylish, sophisticated living room.

JOOMLA works perfectly as a coffee table in your personal relaxing place in your living room, but also as a base of business meetings in an office and a chillout zone in a studio.

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JOOMLA is handmade from start to finish, each element is hand-finished.


You can personalize JOOMLA in terms of size, form and finish, yay!