We can tailor our designs to your individual space. Do you need a different dimension, tinting or shape? Nothing could be simpler. Contact us! What exactly does personalization mean? So much that you can make our furniture completely fit your needs.

customization in 3 steps


Check if the total size of the furniture (height, width, depth) is right for you.

If there is no problem, we can proportionally reduce or enlarge the whole, preserving
form of furniture.

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Consider whether in the original furniture modules (open shelves, cabinets, drawers) you would like to fit something specific.

If this is the case, but the selected furniture module proves to be unsuitable in terms of its dimensions, we will redesign the furniture. We will make sure that everything necessary can be accommodated. We always try to preserve the original form of the furniture as much as possible.

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Finish the furniture by choosing one of the shades of oil waxes we use for impregnating our wood. Most of the time, we use the neutral wax so that the birch plywood remains in its natural, bright colour. However, we can also apply a darker shade.

You can choose the colours of drawer fronts and cabinets (closed modules) yourself or with our help. If you like our selection of colours, point us to the selected piece of furniture. If your piece of furniture needs to match the other interior elements like walls, give us a number from the RAL or NCS palette.

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Shades of oil waxes
  • 0. neutral
  • 1. whitened
  • 2. oak tree
  • 3. golden maple
  • 4. jatoba
  • 5. mahogany
  • 6. antique oak
  • 7. havana
  • 8. cognac
  • 9. rosewood

personalize with us

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