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furniture from Wood Republic


All furniture and products we design ourselves in house, we do not use subcontractors, and we supervise the process of making the furniture from start to finish.


Every piece of furniture is created entirely in our studio; we do not create our products in bulk. We refine every detail of each product, and in the end, the whole is created from small parts.


We can tailor our designs to your own space. Do you need a different dimension, tinting or shape? Nothing could be simpler, contact us.


We will design the furniture from scratch with you. We are not afraid of unusual spaces; we create for large areas, as well as kitchen and bathroom furniture. Unconventional orders always give us wings!


what we write about

About personalizing a few words.

Think of the furniture as a well-programmed system. Think that your future piece of furniture is a result of our technology and design and your practical and aesthetic needs. Tempting?
Relax, you're in Wood Republic and there are no limits here, program with us at will.
For us, a ready-made design of a piece of furniture is not the end of its history, we do not put a dot there.
W Wood Republic we make stories. We want to write a story with you about your new furniture, shall we try?

European Funds for Intelligent Development, Republic of Poland, European Union Our brand is implementing the project "Promotion of personalized furniture Wood Republic as a result of participation in exhibition fairs on foreign markets" co-financed from European Funds.
The project is co-financed by the EU: PLN 171 411.00