Custom kitchen furniture

Extraordinary people, an extraordinary place, extraordinary conversations. This is the story of a kitchen that was created for our clients from Germany, and it all started with… a wardrobe.

It was March 2022 when a friendly family came to our carpentry to see and touch our specimens in person. We were impressed by their determination in search of perfect furniture, careful selection of materials and craftsmen. We knew right away that they had a good vibe and that they were “our” people 🙂 At first, they were drawn to our asymmetric furniture concept and the possibility of using the space from floor to ceiling. It seems that touching the furniture was the icing on the cake. A positive verdict was reached, and we could start discussing their dream wardrobe.

However, as it usually happens, word by word, it turned out that the family also needed a highly personalized kitchen. Check out our story of creating this interior, adorned with photos from the scene!

Built in wardrobe


Why is this place extraordinary? This two-level, atmospheric apartment was created in a complex of buildings that remained after an old German farm. A group of people formed a community that obtained permission from the city and renovated the buildings, creating a beautiful enclave with all the necessary infrastructure for living. There is a school operating in the spirit of education close to nature, a kindergarten, cafes, shops, a place for neighborly exchange… Everything needed for life.

Tailored kitchen

Designing a living space, especially a kitchen, requires perfecting many details that sometimes seem trivial but have a significant impact on everyday use. When designing, we always keep in mind to get as close as possible to the client’s lifestyle and advise on the best solutions.
The apartment is full of slopes, which creates many challenges, but also provides opportunities for interesting arrangements. Such spaces require precision and meticulousness. To ensure that nothing escaped our attention, we went for measurements just before starting production. We proposed a general conceptual design, and then we moved on to details, designing each element for functionality according to the client’s guidelines. We remember our cooperation very well; the clients were highly engaged and active throughout the process, while also being open to our suggestions and proposals.

Kitchen made to measure

The entire kitchen furniture was also perfectly tailored to the kitchen appliances and the room’s possibilities. Difficult spaces don’t scare us – due to the unusual layout of the drains under the sink, we had to design a specific back of the cabinet under the sink, while the dishwasher gained a housing that takes into account the external display. Under the slopes, we placed furniture with cabinets.
The clients wanted a comprehensive service, so we also took care of the countertops. As we mentioned in our previous posts, plywood is not suitable for use as a kitchen countertop, so we used solid oak wood. We cut the material and impregnated it with oak-colored oil wax, just like the furniture, so that the whole thing creates a cohesive, uniform composition.


When designing the wardrobe earlier, we were able to delve into the needs and get to know the style of our clients. Therefore, we proposed a kitchen with plenty of storage space, where drawers are the basis. Under the sink, there is a cargo drawer designed for the Ikea container system and additional space for cleaning supplies or plastic bags. For convenience, we used a push-to-open system there.
The corner is a place where customers store less frequently used equipment. The doors are mounted on 180-degree hinges, making them open wide and providing easy access to a spacious cabinet space.

Wooden custom kitchen

Underneath the induction hob, there is a drawer with a unique interior. Thanks to its slanted design, you can see at a glance which spice is in which jar.
Below that are drawers for pots and pans, making everything easily accessible 🙂

Custom drawer for spices

Lastly, let’s return to the wardrobe for a moment. This story wouldn’t have come to fruition if it weren’t for our clients’ need for a piece of furniture that would impeccably store important elements of their lives. We always love these types of projects, creative spaces, and people. It all started with a drawing and concept from the clients…

Client's wardrobe hand draw concept

…and the result is an ultra-spacious modular wardrobe with an antique oak finish, as well as kitchen furniture.
The entire process took only 16 weeks!

Custom wardrobe

Custom kitchen furniture

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