The history of this kitchen is one of the chapters in the story of Anna and Milosz’s Warsaw home. In cooperation with the interior designer Amelia Zyndul-Maczka, furniture for two bathrooms, two children’s rooms, a wardrobe in the hall and a wardrobe in the bedroom were created. Anna and Milosz trusted us completely – we also appeared in the kitchen – the heart of their home.

See how this beautiful realization looks in detail.

Customers dreamed of furniture in a classic style, with lacquered creamy, matt white fronts. The project also assumed the greatest possible visual symmetry. The most important requirement, however, was a durable, solid and stable material from which the kitchen would be built for years. The whole thing was made of plywood, including the insides of the drawers and invisible bodies.

The center and the icing on the cake in the kitchen of dreams is the rounded, grooved island, which hides several secrets.

The grooved surface is a truly lace work – we manually attached “stick” after “stick” to the body.

The island has inspection doors invisible at first glance, opened in the tip-on system. They are accessible from the living room side and are used to operate the water filters hidden inside.

The opposite side of the island has deep drawers and a built-in oven.

There is space for a sink, and a large stone countertop provides comfort for preparing meals.

Customers wanted as much storage space as possible. They focused entirely on drawers – regular and cargo, for which they selected the handles themselves. Everyone agreed on one thing: plywood is the best choice when it comes to the strength and durability of such large drawers. We are sure that ours are second to none when it comes to lifting capacity. As always, we used quality soft-close guides.

Looking from the left to the part below the window, we see:2 built-in dishwashers, among which there is a small working sink

  • the place for the baskets is under the sink – it’s a cargo drawer with our plywood system (like everything, that’s it!). There is also a smaller, hidden inner drawer
  • next is a module with three turbo deep drawers
  • right next to it we have a module with two more drawers. Why do we write about two drawers when you can see three fronts? The first one from above is actually a kind of hoax to preserve visual symmetry. Simply – the induction hob does not allow you to mount a drawer under it. This part of the body has also been prepared for the installation of a countertop exhaust.
  • the last one on the right is another cargo drawer with an internal hidden drawer.

The house in Warsaw’s Ursynów was a challenge for us, at the same time giving us a lot of room to show off and a lot of satisfaction. The dialogue with the interior designer Amelia Zyndul-Maczka and her clients resulted in an amazing realization that fulfilled the clients’ dreams of a unique interior of the whole house.


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