We create kitchens in an innovative way – all modules are created in our carpentry shop, thanks to which we can make even large projects on the spot in an express manner, simply by assembling ready-made elements like large puzzles.
This quite sizable kitchen was built in 2 days. Two days! Without creating a construction site in the clients’ apartment, unnecessary noise and clutter 🙂

But let’s start from the beginning …
Olga and Radoslaw came to us with a vision of a dream kitchen for their new home. It was supposed to be made of plywood, with a minimalist form and contrasting colors.

Work on the project was entirely carried out at a distance – first, we received by e-mail sketches with the concept for the kitchen from customers, which we then translated into the Wood Republic language. Communication was excellent and therefore essentially unmodified. After settling all the details, we went to Lublin the measurements.

The whole thing

Upper buildings:

  • hanging cabinets with shelves and doors with a tip-on system
  • installation of the hood and ventilation pipes above the oven

Lower buildings from the left:

  • cupboard with shelves
  • pull-out cargo cabinet for bottles
  • a large drawer for waste containers
  • dishwasher plywood front
  • module with an inner drawer
  • module for the oven
  • module with an inner drawer

Built-in in dark ebony oil-wax:

  • built-in refrigerator with plywood handles
  • cupboard above the refrigerator
  • a pull-out cargo cabinet, 200 cm high, on the right side of the refrigerator


  • plywood wall and ceiling panels
  • stylish cover for the ventilation grille, of course also made of plywood

Cargo cabinet on rails
The interior of this 200 cm high cabinet is also made of plywood. We did not use ready-made solutions like the metal baskets, thanks to which we could freely adjust the height of containers for kitchen artifacts, and the whole thing is almost indestructible. Mrs Olga wrote to us like this:

“The cargo cupboard is everyone’s favorite, because we hide sweets in it. It opens a million times a day and still works!”

Minimalism and contrasts
The whole was to create a minimalist composition based on the one hand on symmetry and on the other on contrast. Hence the concept of combining the coloring of plywood in natural and ebony oil. The ventilation duct is painted with matt black paint, and its continuation is the dark cabinets of the refrigerator and the cargo cabinet. The flavor is given by three whitewashed fronts.

Internal drawers
This practical solution is not only comfortable and aesthetic, but in this case it allowed to keep the symmetry of the fronts outside, which is what our clients really wanted.

At the kitchen design stage, we plan the method and order of its assembly. We create everything in ready-made modules, which, thanks to such a solution, are quickly assembled at the destination. As you can see, our alternative approach to the subject of the kitchen works perfectly well – the furniture is perfectly matched to the recess, and the whole thing was assembled for 2 working days, which in fact took us only a dozen hours. All the “dirty work” takes place in our carpentry shop, and you can enjoy the finished kitchen a moment after our arrival 🙂

If you also dream of a kitchen fully adapted to your needs – just contact us.

All photos used in this post are taken by Ms. Olga.

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