kuchnia na wymiar ze sklejki

One of our first made to measure kitchen projects was furniture to a studio apartment of Agata in Warsaw. The apartment is small, and we found a raised floor with a plinth, it was also a real challenge, but the cooperation with the client and her mother, Beata, was smooth and pleasant from the very beginning.

It all started with the BABA wardrobe for the bedroom. Customers, inspired by their first ordered furniture from Wood Republic, asked if we also create kitchen cabinets. Well, we crawled on this matter, we took up the challenge. The ladies had a fairly precise vision of the dream kitchen – we received drawings with the layout of the cabinets. They made sure that the furniture was designed in the same style as the wardrobe that was supposed to appear in the bedroom.
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kitchen bespoke built-in plywood
Built-in refrigerator with lots of extra storage space.

We managed to implement almost the entire concept of our clients. Considering the size of the apartment, the kitchen is really spacious – plenty of cabinets, drawers and shelves maximize storage space and allow convenient cooking.
The kitchen is two-sided, as its task is also to visually separate the rest area from the working area. This solution is popular in many places – while cooking, we do not cut off from the life of the house, we can talk freely with people in the living room and we like it 🙂 As for the inconvenience of such a system, such as intense smells – the problem is solved by a good and quiet absorber over stove.

A large building, in which a refrigerator and all the equipment not used on a daily basis are hidden, was placed in a recess, which is therefore perfectly arranged.
The working space is an L-shaped building. Here, we had to slightly modify the original idea due to the water connections under the sink, while maintaining the ergonomics of work.
To make the most of the available space, we built a cabinet with drawers accessible from the living room.
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kitchen plywood furniture
Kitchen from the living room: a counter with an induction hob, a recessed table top and a place for stools and a cabinet with drawers.

At the very beginning – as requested by our customers – the refrigerator’s housing did not reach the ceiling. After some time, it turned out that an unattractive storage room was created there, so we added another floor of cabinets.

An opened to the living room kitchen will not works good without ultra-important equipment – a cooker hood. We made a housing for it, hiding the entire installation and creating a coherent whole with the rest of the furniture.
There is an inspection door under the induction cooker so that the possible service of the equipment is completely trouble-free. There is a built-in dishwasher next to it.
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kuchnia meble na zamówienie sklejka
Ceiling mounted open cabinets, view from the living room.

Open, ceiling-mounted hanging cabinets are another way to squeeze as much space as possible out of a small space. The lack of doors and backs as well as the natural coloring of the plywood means that the whole is not overwhelming.

The whole thing was built in our carpentry shop and transported in modules to the site. When designing individual parts, we had to take into account logistic possibilities – the apartment is located on the top floor of a tenement house with a narrow staircase.
The assembly went smoothly and cleanly, because according to our technology, we do not cut anything on the spot, but only assemble the finished kitchen like a giant puzzle.
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meble kuchenne na wymiar ze sklejki drewna
View from inside the kitchen.

A small space is always a challenge, but in accordance with the wishes of our clients, we managed to create a relatively large kitchen, using the available space to the maximum.

An interesting fact is that the installer unfortunately connected the dishwasher incorrectly, which was discovered by customers only after about a month. During this time, water was seeping from the leaks, soaking under the floor panels and, as a result, destroying them. It turned out that the furniture remained intact – thorough impregnation of each element with oil-wax, also inside, did it!

During the photo session of her dream kitchen, Agata revealed to us that she likes to start the day by observing the kitchen from the perspective of the bedroom …

kuchnia na wymiar ze sklejki

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