From the very beginning, in Wood Republic, we practically do everything ourselves. Photoshoots, social media content and many other aspects of the so-called marketing activities. This is the result of relying on our own intuition and experience. Everyday we are learning new things, we don’t like to stand still, we’re constantly developing and we’re good with it! Honesty is what we like in our work and we see that you appreciate it – we really feel your trust. That is why – by showing you the furniture coming out of our carpentry on an everyday basis – we are not afraid to tell you about successes but also about failures.

The Creative Department consists of Joanna and Iwona – two completely different, but perfectly complementary characters. Sometimes Zuza joins them, supporting them with accurate observation or… muscle strength. In our industry, physical strength is an indispensable element of a successful working day – none of us has yet had the ability to move the furniture by force of will. Decorations also do not want to cooperate in the field of teleportation at the click of a finger. You just have to take matters into your own hands!

Photoshoots are the basis – we want to show you what is happening at our place and what kind of furniture we create, which is why we take photos of our specimens every day, mainly the bespoke ones, because a day is not enough for all of them …

Currently, photoshoots are mainly done by Joanna’s hand and eye. Previously, she was strongly supported by Zuza and Iwona, but due to the amount of work of each of them, she ultimately deals with the sessions herself. Joanna always has a vision of the style in which a piece of furniture will look good, she is not afraid of experimenting and is open to every, even crazy idea. At the beginning, photography was an unexplored area for Asia, but her demanding eye and the philosophy of independence and self-sufficiency on which the company’s operations were based, motivate her to constantly develop and expand her studio.

The loft atmosphere of the building, where the entire history of Wood Republic takes place, supports creativity and gives a lot of opportunities to show our work from the most interesting side. On the other hand, large windows allow us to photograph the specimens in natural light.

The Creative Department is frequently visited by the youngest generation. Kosma is a born leader with a sense for decoration.

Working mothers – let’s unite! 🙂

The words we tell about us come mainly from Iwona’s hand. Apart from Wood Republic, she is a professional singer, hence she hears well – fortunately not only music, but also company stories. In her daily life, she definitely prefers to write rather than speak – so everything is in place.

Pictures are taken spontaneously and naturally. We do not calculate – we act intuitively. For example, dogs – they have full freedom to move around on the set, they love to enter the frame and that’s why you can often see furniture in the photographs accompanied by Miska or Slowacki.

Is the Creative Department a permanent fireworks and bursts of ideas? Of course not. We spend a lot of time on quite mundane matters. Photo processing, conversations, analyzes, creating the most interesting content for you, organizing fairs, sometimes competitions, updating the offer …

Nevertheless, we do not complain about boredom, because there is something going on all the time. Wood Republic is a living organism in which all departments work closely together and constantly interpenetrate. Everyone is constantly on the move, in addition, we are in the so-called open space with the Department of Waxes and Detailing, and therefore we hear the noise of manual smoothing of the furniture, the hiss of the compressor and sometimes the howl of the grinder 🙂 This is how our normal workday looks like – after all, it’s a carpentry, not a library.

Good ideas are often born at the most unexpected moments. We have a few up our sleeve that we plan to share with you in the near future.

The closest to the implementation is the expansion of our Poznań showroom and a new, larger photo studio. We can’t wait to invite you here, both personally and online!

We stay in touch 🙂

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