The satin smoothness of our furniture is always a pleasant surprise for you, especially if you buy it online. You simply have to experience Wood Republic specimens for yourself…

How is it that the brutal, splintered plywood turns into a delicate, satin surface that you want to touch again and again? This is not magic, as the title of the entry suggests, but the beautiful and patient work of our crew’s hands.

Wood Republic crew

And they will bring them to the Department of Waxes and Detailing

After the first polishing works in the carpentry, the finished furniture elements, i.e. complex bodies with legs, doors and drawers, are taken by elevator to the Department of Waxes and Detailing, where they are taken over by Piotr’s team.

There, waxes are applied to every, even hidden element. We wax several times to obtain the desired surface durability and – in the case of bathroom furniture – water repellency. Each layer of wax must dry well, so we need to allocate one working day for one. During drying, the wood fibers rise, so the smoothness turns into roughness again, and each time it entails the need for manual sanding with specialized, ultra-fine abrasive sponges.

In the end, it turns out that every millimeter of the furniture’s surface is waxed three to four times and hand sanded at least four times, although sometimes even six.

Let’s ride!

And in this section there are famous deadline boards. The order of creating furniture and shipments is supervised by Piotr, who, due to his love of rap and hip-hop, has a rich resource of words and phrases. He does not hesitate to use them and comments on everyday life in the carpentry. He talks a lot, but also does a lot. In addition to dealing with the flow of production, he assembles doors, drawers and metal cubes for furniture from the LIT series. Sometimes he also supports the team with waxing, with which he started his adventure in Wood Republic.

The attributes of the installer of drawer guides and door fittings are a drill and a screwdriver, which Dorota can also handle perfectly. You go girl!


Smooth Operators

For the work in the Waxing and Detailing Department, we only choose patient perfectionists, such as Dorota, Iza the first, Iza the second and Pawel, because this work requires a lot of accuracy. All surfaces of the furniture must be thoroughly waxed and sanded several times to perfect smoothness by hand. It is a tedious and time-consuming job. Nevertheless – in our opinion – the effect is worth it!

Oil wax impregnation and finishing – Mirka in action!

And how are colorful fronts of drawers and doors created? They are also painted by hand. It requires a lot of skill and speed, and this is done by Dorota, Iza and Mirka. Sometimes also Piotr. Before leaving our carpentry, each piece of furniture is examined by Piotr and Michal. If there are any doubts about the details, the specimen is returned to the carpentry again and is immediately corrected.

Summit talks

We cannot reveal everything, we keep the nuances a secret, but we have already revealed a large part of it – the secret lies in the right people, patient, manual work and a heart put into each emerging specimen.

Probably discussing deadlines … or maybe furniture needed for a photoshoot?
I’ll be watching you!
Perfectly finished edges

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