Come and see the next parts of the workshop. This time we are taking you to the sanding point and to the place where the insides of the furniture are made. Many pieces contain drawers, boxes and doors – in Wood Republic we affectionately call them “guts”.


“The guts”

Experience showed that the guts must be strong as an ox. It is the reason we treat them equally with the rest of the furniture – 100% made of birch plywood, the elements are permanently connected to each other for life. No chaff “‘cause you can’t see anyway”, no thin plates on the bottoms of the drawers and back of the wardrobes. Only plywood. 


Our client once said – looking closely on every inch of our drawer – that “this is the furniture inside the furniture”. We pay a lot of attention to the details so we decided to establish a micro department managing only this part of the furniture. After taking precise measurements of the body, Vadim cuts and assembles the elements of the drawers. He is responsible for holes in the fronts of our specimens as well, both for standard ones, triangular, square and x-shaped. Next, drawers end up in Kola who – thanks to ample resources of patience – finishes them by sanding.


Ready parts go to plywood SPA – grindery, where under the leadership of Michal, are being refined and tenderly smoothed by him and his companions. They eliminate the imperfections of the wood and prepare the furniture for the next step of it’s journey. 

Roundness and curves, which you like so much in our furniture

Roundness and curves, which you like so much in our furniture, are created thanks to the contributed team of our grinders. All edges of the piece, inch by inch, are being curved in our characteristic way. No automatic machine is able to achieve this unique handmade effect.

Details, details…

Grindery is the last stop before the journey of the higher level – detailing.
See you in the next chapter of the
Behind the scenes stories.

The holes in the base of the bed must also be perfectly smoothed!
Dominik taming the wild grinder
Sergio, Dominik, Michał

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