When starting cooperation with interior designers, we always expect dynamic actions, interesting talks, knowledge and experience exchange. So it was this time! Know the story of creating furniture for Mrs. Agnieszka and her family’s Warsaw apartment.

Communication is the key 

Mrs. Agnieszka was fascinated with plywood and she knew exactly what she wanted from the very beginning. Furniture was planned to be totally bespoke and finished with natural oil wax. She found our designs in the depths of the web and it was love at first sight. Mrs. Agnieszka chose Amelia Żyndul – Mączka – an interior designer who is not afraid of bold realisations. From the first conversation, cooperation was based on a common dialogue between us. Every piece and every element of these pieces were bespoke so the unique modular specimens were created.   

Living room with modular tv unit and dining table. fot. Aleksandra Dermont

Between design and implementation 

Concept and design modifications are the natural order of things when it comes to cooperation with interior designers. There is always the need to verify our assumptions due to practicability, safety, ergonomics and above all utility. The process itself often leads to new solutions. It is essential for us, as manufacturers and furniture designers, to adjust the pieces to our clients expectations, taking into account all technological, practical and aesthetic aspects. Furniture must not only be visually beautiful but also fulfill its role in the best possible way. We approach cooperation holistically, listening to our clients needs, interior designers concepts, relying on our own experience. Our furniture is custom made and bespoke. It gives us huge possibilities when it comes to adjusting the furniture perfectly to the interior. It is an incredible comfort and freedom when designing. 

This project went very smoothly. Each side was actively involved in the process and the effect is worthy of time and energy spent on it. See for yourself… Meanwhile, the next projects with Amelia Żyndul – Mączka are already on their way!   

The arcade portal invites you to the living room. fot. Aleksandra Dermont

Living room

Living room fits in its space seven meter long specimen that fills window recesses. It serves as a tv unit, a storage room and a seat. At one end you can rest and chill and at the other end you can find an extra spot at the dining table. 

The cabinet is divided into three parts. It contains open modules and sliding doors with electronics, books, newspapers and other knick-knacks hidden behind them. 

Furniture was supposed to give the impression that it was gently floating above the ground. We managed to achieve the desired effect thanks to the recessed plinth in the base. 

The cherry on top – milled and painted fronts.

TV unit from the seat side in the dining part of the living room and LIT.round table. fot. Aleksandra Dermont
LIT.round table, TV unit with a seat on one side, modular bookcase with a desk and shelves. fot. Aleksandra Dermont

Living room dining corner

Mrs. Agnieszka appreciates moments with her family, and the living room is a place where everyone can spend time together. This is why she wanted a round stable table, made entirely of plywood with the smallest possible barriers for the legs of the people sitting next to it. Additionally, it had to transform into a table light and modern in its form. After several approaches to the project, we proposed combining metal with plywood. The result is modern-looking legs that incredibly stabilize the table, creating an unshakable monument, while not being an uncomfortable barrier for people. The table has become a permanent feature of our offer, taking the name LIT.round.

The stability of the structure and the strength of the tabletop are regularly checked by the best testers, i.e. our client’s children. Test result – positive! Despite the fact, that the photoshoot took place one year after manufacturing the furniture, pieces still look like new.

Zoom to detail: dining table and TV unit with a seat by the window. fot. Aleksandra Dermont

Dad’s modular desk

It has been known for a long time that the most strategic place in the home is the kitchen. That is probably why, the perfect place to work for our client is at the interface between the kitchen and the living room. This space is created by a modular piece of furniture – desk with two practical drawers and four upper shelves. Well played!

Modular desk with shelves

New parents’ bedroom

The bedroom is also a place for the youngest family member. Cozy corner is created by the NEST.crib cot with an adjustable mattress base and a chest of drawers for a changing table, based on the KLOPS specimen. The furniture creates a harmonious set thanks to the matching legs and the deepening of the dresser, so that it is perfectly flush with the bed.

A nice and ergonomic toddler’s corner – a chest of drawers with a changing table and a cot. photo by Joanna Maciaszczyk-Rypińska

The bedroom also has a place for another modular bookcase with shelves and a dressing table equipped with a front colored drawer. This space can also be used as a work corner.

Cozy bedroom, on the left you can see a modular desk and shelves. photo by Joanna Maciaszczyk-Rypińska
Modular desk and shelves. photo by Aleksandra Dermont

Bruno’s room

Bruno likes to invite guests, he probably has it after his mother. In his residence, you can find a custom made bed, designed based on our MUN.double bed with an extendable additional mattress on the frame. 

This piece is totally bespoke. It has a soft upholstered headrest and a rear body with hidden shelves. In order not to waste a scrap of space, we have offered an additional box with a drawer for boys’ treasures.

Bruno’s room. Built-in bed. photo by Joanna Maciaszczyk-Rypińska

Built-in bed design. designed by Amelia Żyndul-Mączka

Iwo’s room

Here, we will find an interesting design – a hanging desk in the form of a box, with a gutter for easy storage of small items and a shelf. Initially, it was supposed to be mounted on standard brackets, but for safety reasons, we offered a different solution. Ultimately, the top rests on a special, ultra-durable system of steel cables, and the box is fully attached to the wall. Just close it and there you go – you gain space for games in the children’s room!

There is a bed with an upholstered headboard and a side perforated heater built-in. In this room, every piece of space is valuable, so we have added another box next to the bed – a hiding place for toys.

Iwo’s room. An opening box with a desk and a built-in bed. photo by Joanna Maciaszczyk-Rypińska
Iwo’s first concept of the room designed by Amelia Żyndul-Mączka

Iwo’s room designed by Amelia Żyndul-Mączka


The architect, wanting to maintain the consistency of the design throughout the apartment, decided to offer her clients our furniture also for three bathrooms. 

As you already know, we only use oil waxes, which perfectly protect the wood and make the furniture water-repellent. Chests of drawers have doors and drawers and are designed to hide drains. 

Both stand on legs, which makes it easy to wipe water off the floor and keep it clean.

Boys bathroom. photo by Joanna Maciaszczyk-Rypińska
Łazienka chłopców. proj. Amelia Żyndul-Mączka
Parents’ bathroom. photo by Aleksandra Dermont
Łazienka rodziców. proj. Amelia Żyndul-Mączka

Guest bathroom. photo by Joanna Maciaszczyk-Rypińska

Guest bathroom. designed by Amelia Żyndul-Mączka

Thanks for your attention and see you in the next blog post! 

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7-meter TV unit with seats. photo by Aleksandra Dermont

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