From the beginning of our story with customization, we repeat like a mantra the sentence that your needs drive us and add wind on the Wood Republic flight path. We have many such examples, we recently told you about DRUPAL Domestic Animals whose family tree is rooted in your ideas. We like it a lot and we look forward to the situation when we receive a message starting with: I have not found on your website … and I really like your designs …. is it possible…. Yes, it is possible! Everything is possible!

This is exactly the beginning of the history of our largest individuals in the Wood Republic family. Liked by us and by you, by your families and friends. You come back for them often, because you can get addicted to their capacity and functionality. Here are our wardrobes, ta-dah!

In the beginning there was … BABA. More precisely, a cool BAB(k)A (ang. woman), Agnieszka from Katowice. We were given a task to furnish Antek’s room – we needed a piece of furniture that would keep the dressing room safe, and at the same time be visually friendly with the KLOPS chest of drawers and the APEX bookcase. In our designs, with a simple form and asymmetrical elegance, we are on our way with, hence the squeak and order in Antek’s room, hidden in spacious shelves and deep drawers. The module for hangers has contributed its 3 cents to this story about order.


As it turned out, BABA likes children and their spaces very much, and apparently you feel the same way, because it is a product that you ask about most often and you can easily adapt it to the needs of your families. And we are lucky with Agnieszka people, because the next story starts with this name again. This time we received a message from Krakow that the wardrobe must multiply, triple! Together, we designed 3 modules full of shelves and drawers, ready to bear any weight. Initially, all the modules were to constitute one whole, but we quickly convinced Agnieszka that maintaining their independence could be useful when the children wanted to become independent. In this way, each of them had their own space and, at least in this regard, we guaranteed peace on the children’s battlefield.

When the first emotions subsided and the wardrobe felt good in its new home, we decided to involve you in giving it a name. A discussion started on our Facebook and Instagram profiles and JAGA won our hearts. Simple as that!


Another story is that of Kamila and Szymon from Poznan. The couple visited us in our studio and in addition to preparing a children’s room for their daughter, we were given the task of developing the designated space in the hall. Custom-made furniture is no problem for us, and when we get such flavors in the project, such as a dedicated space for Kamila’s daily handy items, we are all happy. Original design, cabinets full of drawers and our reliable DRUPAL legs – and we are in one’s element. See the effects!

Szafka na miarę od Wood Republic

Following the customization and transformation that our spacious wardrobes can only make to match their bodies to your interiors, we must recall Marta from Krakow. For her, in the project, we abandoned the natural finishing of the plywood and chose oak finishing that would match the hallway furniture. We like cooperation where you provide us with photos of your houses, precise dimensions and specific needs, and we can repay you and surprise you with its form and design.

In the narrow space we fit a completely redesigned BABA and a bookcase. Despite the assumed small space, it turned out that in the wardrobe there will be plenty of space for long coats, short jackets, hats, scarves, knick-knacks and even shoes. Anyway, our descriptions, the photos speak for themselves!

Szafa od Wood Republic

Our mantra about your needs also has a second bottom. About your returns … We are always and everywhere happy, and we also honor them with a lifetime discount of 10% for each subsequent piece of furniture, even the bespoke one. Agnieszka took this opportunity, where JAGA keeps order in the children’s room and wanted to have her own version of the wardrobe. We faced a real challenge, because we had to solve the problem of a small space that prevented the easy opening and use of BABA. Because it was the one which was supposed to stand in a Krakow bedroom. BABA pupated again without resistance, abandoned the wings in favor of sliding doors and so we have the newest member in the family of our storage systems, lol <3

Szafa od Wood Republic
Szafa BABA

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