Are you here?
Think about the furniture like if it was a well programmed user system. Think that your future piece is the result of our technology and design as well as your practical and aesthetic needs. Tempting?
Relax, you are in Wood Republic and there are no limits in subject of design here.

We are going to sound smart for a moment! Furniture customization is a kind of reevaluation and transformation of an original design to meet the requirements of a given space and fit into its specific needs, while maintaining its previous style. For us, a finished furniture design is not the end of its history, we do not put a stop sign there.

I. Adjust the furniture
Design is primarily about functionality, i.e. a story about what a piece of furniture is for and how it responds to your needs. It may happen that you will like our piece and you will want to place in your private or business space but its too small or too large backside will not allow you to do so. Here’s what you can do: resign, although we do not want this version of events, or customize its total dimensions as well as the dimensions of the specific modules.

How to proceed with customization?
1. Think if the total dimensions of the furniture (width, height, depth) are right for you. If there is not enough space for it, we can reduce the whole proportionally, keeping the form of the furniture unchanged. However, if you need a larger size, we can enlarge the furniture also proportionally or by adding a new module to fit its final size.
2. Consider whether you would like to fit something specific in the original furniture modules (shelves, cabinets, drawers). If yes, but the chosen modules turn out to be dimensionally inappropriate, let’s adjust them together! Tell us what dimensions your trinkets or equipment is and we will redesign the piece to accommodate everything you need. Whenever possible, we try to keep the original form of the furniture. 

II. Form your furniture
Sometimes it happens that there are so many knick-knacks to stuff into the furniture that we have to completely go crazy and redesign the furniture from head to toe. In other words, sometimes your needs are so precise that they give us more restrictions. However, these are not limitations that make customization impossible. No, no! We think outside the box and form a piece together!

How to proceed?
1. Choose one of our designs that best suits in terms of form. It’s always good to have some foothold in reality and to know your aesthetic perceptions well before designing your piece. Tell us what you like the most about this selected piece and what you would like to keep.
2. Tell us what modules you need in your furniture and what they are supposed to serve. You already needed various solutions from us, for example: open shelves for tall albums and closed file cabinets in the APEX bookcase; footwear open shelves and upper lockable cabinets in the BABA wardrobe; glass tableware cabinets and shallow document drawers in the BLISS.1 chest of drawers. We could list countless examples. 
3. Choose your preferable legs.
The legs can be: straight (APEX series), stylized (BLISS series), recessed (RAJ series), sloped (DRUPAL series) or metal ones (HOKU series).

These are just inspirations, there are endless possibilities, see for yourself.

III. Choose the finishing
Design equals ergonomics. The piece will be part of your space, so it must harmonize with the surroundings, it’s natural.

How to proceed?
1. Choose one of the oil waxes we use to impregnate the wood. We most often use colorless wax, thanks to which the birch plywood remains in its natural, light color but we also like to use darker finishings.

1. natural / 2. bleached / 3. oak / 4. golden maple / 5. jatoba / 6. mahogany / 7. antique oak / 8. havana / 9. cognac / 10. rosewood / 11. ebony

2. Choose the color of drawer and cabinet fronts yourself or with our help. If you like the colors already used by us, just show us the chosen piece. If your piece has to match the colors of other interior elements, sucha as walls etc., just give us the number from RAL or NCS color palette, wohow!

At Wood Republic, we create stories. We want to write a story with you about your dream furniture. Let’s try!

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